Neil Top John Andre Luc resigns

Neil Top John Andre Luc resigns

Håkon Volldal will be the new new manager at Nel after he resigned from his position at Q-Free after five and a half years.

Neil’s CEO, Jean-Andre Luc, resigned as president of Neil Hydrogen in the second quarter, after more than five years in the job.


On Wednesday afternoon, the news came that Håkon Volldal Resigns as CEO at tech company Q-Free after five and a half years in the position.

Shortly thereafter, the hydrogen company Neil announced the appointment of its CEO John André Lock He resigns and is replaced by Fouldahl.

In mid-2021, Løkke told the board that it was time to begin the process of finding his successor.

– The company is equipped and ready and the demand is great. I don’t think this is a bad time for a change. But now I will lead the company first and be operating at full capacity for the next six months, says outgoing CEO Jean-Andre Luc at Neil to E24, and adds:

He adds that if I can join and contribute as a board member, that’s very positive.

He’s led the company for six years, and says he now wants more flexibility in everyday life.

– It was a great trip. Neil has an important role to play in turning green, and he will officially open our new factory in Herøya during the spring, so now is the time to let the baton to someone else.

– What do you think of the new president?
Seems like an incredibly interesting profile, I look forward to working with Håkon.

Håkon Volldal will be CEO of Nel after John Andre Locke.

Attractive position in the growing market

Volldal also has tremendous experience from McKinsey & Company and various management positions in Tomra. It exemplifies a modern leadership culture and market approach, and meets all of our criteria for the position, and we are confident that Håkon with management is a good candidate to lead Neil forward, CEO Ole Enger at Neil says in the report.

Fouldahl takes over before Locke at the end of the second quarter.

I have followed Neil’s development in recent years with interest and admiration. The company is a technology leader and has carved out an attractive position in a rapidly growing market. For me, this is essential to success globally, and I look forward to contributing to Neal’s future growth in an industry with huge potential for value creation and decarbonization, Fuldahl says in the report.

Neil Val in the stock exchange

Over the past year, Neil’s stake has fallen by 48.08 percent. However, the stock has recently recovered somewhat from the stock’s sharp decline, rising 25.05 percent in the past three months.

Volldal will be given 500,000 options on the date he takes office for the next three years. These can be practiced after an additional period of two years. Each option entitles him to acquire one new share of the company at a price equal to the share price on the date, plus ten percent.

A cap has also been set for the maximum profit, which it sets at NOK 25 million and NOK 30 per option. At the close of the Oslo Stock Exchange on Wednesday, Neil’s stock settled at 15.65 NOK.

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