November 30, 2022


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Neiman sues Carlsen: He demands a billion

Neiman sues Carlsen: He demands a billion

19-year-old American Hans Niemann sued, among others, Magnus Carlsen.

Drama: Magnus Carlsen has been in open conflict with Hans Niemann for several weeks.

A number of media reported Thursday evening. Shortly after 9:30, Nieman himself took over the reins Twitter We shared the court document that was submitted. He writes in the post:

“My claim speaks for itself.”

In the past, Neiman used a similar phrase when facing accusations of cheating, but then coined it as follows: “Chess speaks for itself.”

in Legal document It turns out that Neiman is demanding $100 million from the defendants. Which corresponds to about 1.06 billion Norwegian kroner after Thursday’s exchange rate.

The lawsuit also includes, which published a report that Neiman cheated in more than a hundred matches, chess player Hikaru Nakamura, Carlsen’s Play Magnus Group, and chess player Danny Rench.

VG has attempted to contact Magnus Carlsen’s father and manager, Henrik, to no avail so far.

The lawsuit begins as follows:

“Neman is 19 years old, and has been self-taught in chess. He is doing so to recover from the devastating damage the Defendant has done to his reputation, career and life by gross defamation and illegal conspiracy to be blacklisted from the profession to which he has dedicated his life” .

At the same time, words such as “cowardly” and “corrupt” are used to describe Carlsen.

Thus, the chess scandal that has marked the past few weeks has taken another turn.

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– It was obvious that this would happen. When someone attacks you, you have to defend them. People should be punished if you directly accuse a colleague of something you didn’t do, says Maxim Dlugi, former mentor and current friend of Hans Niemann to VG after the lawsuit became known.

Chess expert Tarje Svenssen is also not surprised that there is a lawsuit now, but he doubts anything significant will result from it.

– It looks a bit messy. I’m not a lawyer, but I can’t imagine he would be able to get that far with this. But his way of saying could be: Go away, Svensen tells VG.

The row over chess player Hans Niemann began when Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the chess tournament at the beginning of September after losing to Niemann. – the largest chess site in the world – came up with a report claiming that Niemann cheated more than a hundred games.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) also has an ongoing investigation into Carlsen and Neimann following Carlsen’s accusations against his opponent.

In the end, Niemann’s former mentor Dlugy was also drawn to the drama, after the Norwegian mentioned his name in relation to Hans Niemann in an interview in September.

On Thursday, the aforementioned Deluji said he had spoken with Neiman about the lawsuit, while at the same time opening up about its suspension.

– Of course we talked about it. Like Magnus said, I’m his mentor, right? I should talk to him about things like this, Dlugy tells VG. He continues:

– I wouldn’t be surprised if I sued myself, but I want to see how it happens.