Netflix denies that participants suffered serious injuries

Netflix denies that participants suffered serious injuries

The Netflix series “Squid Game” took the world by storm, to say the least, when it was released in 2021.

The series has inspired many people’s Halloween costumes in the years since, and “everyone” has been clamoring for a second season of its hit.

But before eager viewers can sit in front of the screen again, they can look forward to a “real” version of “Squid” on the streaming giant.

SQUID GAME: The South Korean TV series “Squid Game” is now a reality – and you can become one of the participants
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Netflix is ​​currently scoring a game show version of the series in the UK, where participants will compete for a cash prize of close to NOK 47 million.

They have assured worried fans that no one will be eliminated from the reality show in the same way as on the series, but the taping has yet to go smoothly, according to sources. the sun.

Many of the participants are said to have suffered from frostbite, and one is said to have been removed from the recording on a stretcher.

Netflix is ​​now writing that this has happened BBC. In a statement, the streaming service writes the following:

“We care deeply about the health and safety of our participants and those who work here, and have invested in all the appropriate security measures we can.”

It also states that health workers must be present during the entire registration.

New Trailer: Here is the trailer for the second season of the popular Netflix series Squid Game
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“Although it was very cold as we scored – something the participants were also prepared for – all claims of serious injuries are untrue.”

The Game of Squid is about a competition in which a large number of participants compete for a large cash prize by competing in classic children’s games – with a deadly twist.

The series holds the record as the most popular Netflix series of all time, and was watched by a whopping 111 million in just 28 days.

The live-action version of the grotesque series was announced last June and will consist of ten episodes.

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