June 6, 2023


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Netflix has to make 'Squid Game' a reality - VG

Netflix has to make ‘Squid Game’ a reality – VG

It promises the biggest prize ever for the winner and 456 participants from all over the world will participate.


In the huge success of the energy giant, he competes in various activities of the schoolyard – with life as effort.

A reality series is now planned, which will run over 10 episodes. But it wouldn’t be tragic: the worst punishment would be “going home empty-handed.”

The winner will receive about 40 million kroner, according to Netflix. The number of participants is also a record within the genre, reports CNN. Nor has there been such a big first prize in reality TV.

The series is from South Korea with South Korean actors. In the new concept, it should be a requirement that participants speak English.

Netflix has also given the final confirmation that there will be a new season of the series. The first season is one of the most watched platform series of all time.

Series creator Dong-hyuk was previously aware that no more than one season was originally planned.

– I don’t have plans to upgrade for “Squid Game 2”. It’s tiring just thinking about it. But I promise you Ji-hoon will be back, and he’s going to do something for the world, as he said when he revealed that Season 2 was in the works.

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