Netflix, streaming services | Netflix wants to end family sharing accounts

Netflix, streaming services |  Netflix wants to end family sharing accounts

“Your Netflix account is for you and those you live with — your family,” says an email that Netflix is ​​now sending out to members who share Netflix outside their homes in Norway, and in a number of other countries in the world.

The streaming giant said earlier this year that more than 100 million households share their Netflix accounts with others, affecting their ability to invest in new TV shows and movies.

In the email that Netflix is ​​now sending out to its customers in Norway, they write that users can see which devices are signed into their accounts, and that they can sign out of those accounts.

The company also gives users the option to share their Netflix account for an additional NOK 39 per month.

Agence France-Presse writes that the company’s growth has cooled somewhat last year. In April they said that in the first quarter of this year they had 232.5 million subscribers, a new record.

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“Death to Netflix”

The Internet was boiling when the news of the Netflix cartoon became known.

In Nettavisen’s comment field Facebook And under Nettavisen’s article, there were several people who interacted.

One user pointed out in the comments section that when the streaming service first arrived in Norway, they announced that you could only share an account with friends and family.

“Netflix actually got in to advertise that you could share an account with friends and family at first it was a trick to increase customer base and get free PR but when it became standard as it is today it becomes wrong to end the scheme,” one user writes.

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Many have also written that they will cancel their subscription the day the fee reaches the country.

“Once these rules are in, my subscription will be cancelled,” one user writes.

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“Thank you and bye, Netflix. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to look at. This will be the death of Netflix, when you can’t use a subscription you pay for as you wish,” writes another.

Jalila Bouzideh is a Team Leader and Senior Consultant at Netflix in Norway. She told Nettavisen they did not want to comment on the case.

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One hundred thousand free passengers

The fee has been notified since the new year. The company is absolutely sick of the hundreds of thousands of families sharing accounts with people who don’t pay themselves.

In addition to the additional fee for free travelers, you’ll also have to log in once a month. If you are traveling, you must use a separate code to log in.

The solution will be rolled out all over the world, country by country.

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