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It was Noise when smart meters came into use. The reason was, among other things, that many people feared they would get sick from the radiation from the meters. And somebody They feared they might be tracked.

Now a new question is being raised about the meters: Can they shut off electricity to hundreds of customers at once?

– There are many advantages to that, says Hilde Walmestad, Head of Customer and Network Operations at Lede.

Lede and many other network companies want an easy way to disconnect power.

Hilde Walmestad at Lead was one of many who sent their input to NVE.

Photo: Martin Torstveit

When rationing today, electricity has to be drawn over a large area at a time. But such zones may have important customers who need electricity. As of today, all other customers in the same zone must receive electricity.

But by using a power meter, all but critical customers can be disconnected at one place.

According to Walmestad in Lead, it could be that much easier.

Electricity may be rationed

The Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE), the Ministry of Energy and Statnet both fear power shortages in the spring.

The chance of that happening is still slim, but network companies have dusted off their plans for power distribution.

According to the law, life and health must come first in that case.

This means priority is given to the health system, police, armed forces, critical institutions, water and sewerage.

Less important businesses, apartments and homes, on the other hand, may lose power for a few hours at a time.

NVE and the Minister will look at the proposal

Today, electricity meters are not allowed to cut off electricity to multiple houses at the same time. The reason is that Norway’s Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) previously said no, but now they are revisiting the matter.

– We have listened to these inputs and we will consider them, but we have not yet started that analysis, says Ann Maihrer Østenby, Head of Division at NVE.

Ann Maihrer Østenby, Head of Division at the Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE)

Ann Myhrer Østenby, Head of Division at NVE, emphasizes that the rationing opportunity is still limited.

Photo: Ole Oskar Eriksen / NRK

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland has heard about the project. He can’t say yes or no now.

– NVE should consider this first and then I will decide when it comes to my desk.

What concerns do you see grid companies wanting to cut off customers via electricity meters on a large scale?

– He says that the evaluations done by the companies should be in accordance with the guidelines in the national framework for this.

Homeowners react

Morton Andreas Meyer, general secretary of the National Association of Homeowners, lamented that rations were even possible. He believes that people should be protected then.

The minister has also promised, but he cannot guarantee that the families will be completely spared.

– Our clear request to the government is that there should be minimum water level requirements in reservoirs, says the mayor.

families According to Statistics Norway, it consumes 29 percent of the electricity used in Norway.

So the mayor is asking people to help save electricity this winter.

“For all that, off periods should be avoided,” he says.

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