Never happened in Europe before

Never happened in Europe before

New York (Dagbladet): Europe has never experienced such extreme weather. Today, Monday, several media reported that more than 740 mm of rain fell in northwestern Italy during twelve hours, including CNN And Washington Post.

And it was the scenic region of Genoa that became the epicenter of severe weather as several storms, slowly moving, broke out over the region on Sunday and Monday. In the small town of Rossellione, more than 93 centimeters of rain fell.

farm sign: Two men in Hallen in Austria have been taken by a flood and are on their way down with blocks of water when a rescuer comes to their rescue. / Reporter: Christian Fjermeros / Dagbladet / Twitter: @par4d0kss
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like Seattle

By comparison, there is roughly the same amount of rain in the US city of Seattle that rains over an entire year. It takes about 15 months for a lot of rain to fall in London.

The storm rescued dozens of people after landslides and floods. Among other things, a bridge collapsed in the city of Quigliano, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. However, no one should lose their life.

Hal: Rainy weather has created huge challenges in India recently. Here the road suddenly disappears.
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Lots of severe weather

This area usually receives a large amount of precipitation, about 1,200 mm per year. But nearly 750 mm in 12 hours is a new European record, according to weather expert Maximiliano Herrera, according to CNN.

Just two days before the storm in Italy, torrential rain showered the desert state of Oman. Hurricane Shaheen hit the country. In the city of Khaboura, there was supposed to be more than 300 mm of rain in hours, he said Times of Oman.

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This is roughly equivalent to what usually comes from rain in three years in the desert state.

Flood: At least 100 people have died after severe storms in southwestern Germany, police said. Video: NTB / SCANPIX
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man made

In recent years, there have been a lot of severe weather in many parts of the world. Also earlier this summer, the US, Europe and China were all hit hard.

According to the researchers behind the United Nations Climate Report, it is man-made global warming that is causing such storms to become more common.

According to one of the sources, heavy rainfall is linked to high temperatures Report from FClimate panel NS. According to the report, the atmosphere can hold about 7 percent of water vapor for every degree that the temperature rises.

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