New big success in Norway, celebrity | Feedback on the new TV 2 initiative: – Can we find a balance?

New big success in Norway, celebrity |  Feedback on the new TV 2 initiative: - Can we find a balance?

Maria Mina with prayers for the TV industry.

On Tuesday, TV 2 launched an all-new entertainment show, “Norway’s new megahit,” which takes on “Skal vi danse” once Season 17 ends at the end of November.

In “New Norway Mega Hit”, six Norwegian celebrities will attempt to create a new mega-hit in Norway through five programmes.

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Celebrities, with the good help of famous artists and producers, will compose a song every week with different themes and perform it live in front of the audience. Each week, a celebrity has to leave the competition – before the finalists perform their most popular songs in a grand finale. In the end, it’s TV viewers who then vote for the “new Norwegian megahite”.

And so Norway’s ‘new mega-success’ enters the entertainment chain where celebrities try something completely new. The celebrities who will participate are Abubakar Hussain (34), Helen Olafsen (31), Einar Nelson (57), Maria Stavang (26), Caroline Berg Eriksen (34) and Odd Magnus Williamson (41).

– Can we find a balance?

Artist Maria Mina (35) is one of those who watched the new concept of TV 2. She calls for more balance in TV concepts in several posts on her Instagram story post.

“In the meantime, there are almost no TV shows where actual musicians can promote new music, without having to dance rumba, milk cows, or join the military to get enough attention around their person to hint at new music or a touring list.”, writes Maria Mina in a screenshot with the latest TV 2 contest news.

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Mina realizes Nettavisen mentions the posts, but she doesn’t want to comment further.

Furthermore, the artist adds that she loves reality TV, but states that she believes that the opportunities for Norwegian artists to promote their own music these days are amazing.

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“If I were to follow through on all the new concepts that I was getting, asking to be involved in, and if I was a relatively well-established artist, I think this is starting to get more and more difficult… an artist or a band in the starting phase,” asks Maria Mina, and ends with a clear call:

“Dear television industry, do we find balance?”

The online newspaper has tried to contact several media analysts to find out the balance between content in different entertainment programs in different channels, but so far to no avail. The online newspaper also tried to contact Sony Music and Universal Music Norway to hear their opinions on the artists’ performances on television.

– A slightly different music program

TV 2’s program editor, Catherine Haldorsen, didn’t read Mina’s post herself, but she retold the main points by Nettavisen. She thinks TV 2 is good for music.

– Perhaps there are a few channels that have as many shows of Norwegian music as TV 2. “Every Time We Meet”, “The Voice”, “Allsang på Grensen” and not least “Good morning Norway” which regularly releases popular shows and artists Unknown to new music, the program’s editor tells Nettavisen.

Moreover, she notes that the channel liked to include Mina in the previous season of the hit “Every Time We Meet”, and says that TV2 is very happy to work more with the singer in the future.

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Halldorsen describes Norway’s New Music Program as “a slightly different music program where celebrities – along with some of the country’s best artists and producers will try to decode how to write and produce a country song”, and say they are well-meaning in the new concept.

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