New category in the Spellemann Prize: “Party Music” – VG

New category in the Spellemann Prize: “Party Music” - VG
RØLPEN INTO HAT: Stian Thorbjørnsen (right), here at work as a Staysman with artist Erik Röv.

Spellemannstyret has created her own award for “Party Music”. – Absolutely raw, thinks one of the potential category candidates, Karina Dahl.


Before registering for the 2021 Spellemann Prize, the board says a number of changes are being made to the categories.

The change likely to attract the most attention is a new category called Party Music.

VG has been notified by Spellemann’s PR agency Sesong1 that it will now be set up, before recording begins on October 4.

– Difficult

What is “party music”?

“Party music is party music that spans many genres. There are often recordings of artists and bands playing concerts at venues small and large across the country,” the painting’s description read.

It has been difficult to find a common name for this category, admits Simen Eidsvåg, Spellemann’s press officer.

– Together with several environmental actors, we have found a way to collect them that we think is appropriate, although there may be a wide variety of species introduced. It has almost become a separate culture, not a specific genre.

Press Director: Simen Eidsvåg.

In recent years, Mads Hansen won Song of the Year with “Sommerkroppen”, while Nikolai Ram’s “Raske Briller” and two TIX songs were nominated in the same category.

“In my ear, these examples could fit into the party music category,” Eidsvåg says.

– Very cool

In 2021, artist name Halva Priset dominates the Norwegian charts. With Maria Mina on the team, Halva Priset’s “Best Chevy’n” so far has racked up 19 million Spotify plays.

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Other popular songs with Halva Priset are “Kjerring i fra by’n”, “Hæljetur” and “Oslo – thank you, you’re done”. The last single output is called “Fill”.

HERJER HITLISTENE: Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen, here in front of Halva Priset during “Allsang på grensen” in July.

The main creative character of the prized halva is Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen, formerly known as the artist Katastrofe. Halva Priset publishes via the company he shares with another ambassador for music in a celebratory cast: Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen.

– It’s great that the party music is finally recognized, but I don’t know yet what to say, says Staisman.

– Now I’m only speaking for myself, but I’ve never relied on violinist prices before, so it would be interesting to see what comes out of it.


Whether Staysman now has better chances than before for the Spellemann Cup is sober.

– The day I pull Spellemann, the world is not ready for Easter, says Staysman.

– But obviously, there is a category called the same as I usually do, and the chances are at least a little bit greater.

Staysman, who has been a hit with the village rap duo Hagle in their 2021 CV, says he’s excited about how Spellemann solves the new genre in terms of genre.

– Under party music and bøgdekulturen, which will now be included in one category, there is everything from rock and country to pop, dance and rap groups. They probably have a plan for what it will be like.

Aims to filter

In the case of NRK about «The Golden Age of Rølpeguttas» This spring, current “Star Wars” Karina Dahl was highlighted as a rare example of an actress of Norwegian music often associated with après-ski overtures and Russian festivities.

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Dahl cheer for the new Spellemann class.

– It’s completely raw! You can see from the streaming personalities of those who put in so much effort for this, that people really appreciate this kind of music. So I think that’s a very positive thing.

Party artist: Karina Dahl, here during the Melody Grand Prix in 2019.

– How would you rate your chances of being awarded a Spellemann award with the introduction of this category, versus the above?

– I humbly ask myself exactly this question, because I believe that there are many before me who are worthy of Spellemann. Dall laughs, but I should definitely aim for a run in that category.

She believes Hagel is a good candidate for Spellemann, and highlights Staysman, Katastrofe and Vidar Villa as good veterans for this category.

debate and discussion

According to Spellemann’s press officer, the introduction of “party music” has to do with the desire for the award to reflect the music industry as it really is.

The popularity of music in this category has grown exponentially, both on streaming services and on concert theaters. Over time, we’ve had a dialogue with the major players in party music to create a category, says Simen Eidsvåg.

– Who are the artists who may have fallen out of Spelman in recent years as a result of the lack of this category?

There is always debate and discussion about who will be, and will not be, the nominees and the winners. It will certainly continue to be the case no matter what the categories look like. And Spellemann has always had classes that artists of all kinds can sign up for.

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Other changes

One of these is the other new class for Spellemann 2021: the “Year of the Year”. This follows the disappearance of the “Album of the Year” category after Karp’s win in the 2019 category, and includes album releases and playlists.

“Either songs released in traditional album form or songs released over a period of time are conceptually bundled into one release,” the billboard said.

Won: Karp won the 2019 Album of the Year award. From left: Chirag Rashmikant Patel and Majdi Omar Yatradi Abdul Majeed.

Furthermore, the “Offers” category is changing its name to “Offers and Pops”, to be broader.

“Indie/alt” has been renamed “alt pop/rock”, and is aimed at deliberately less commercially oriented pop and rock.

“Folk music and traditional music” is henceforth “traditional music”, targeting music based on Norwegian folk music, Sami music and traditional music from other countries, often combined with modern elements.

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