November 30, 2022


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New climate plan points to nuclear power – NRK Vestland

the new The renewable plan In Westland County Council points out various techniques that “may be relevant to the planning period”.

The plan, the first of its kind, specifies that “there are no concrete plans for nuclear power in the province,” but adds that small modular reactors (SMRs) are “very safe” and “price competitive” and that “the first could be operational in 2030.” “.

I interpret this as more and more people realizing how important nuclear power is in the energy mix, says county councilor Frank-Willie Duvik (Frp).

In 2003, it was suggested that Norway should Builds A nuclear power plant, and Vlorë or Gulen at the far end of the Sognefjord could be suitable as nuclear waste production and storage sites.

The play was well received Head shook And he laughed. Now, he says, what was a radical proposition “has gone mainstream.”

It’s a shame it took so long, that it took another energy crisis before people saw the potential of nuclear power, he says.

Frank Willy Duvik (Frp) wants a nuclear power plant near the Sognefjord.

Photo: Håvard Nyhus/NRK

Other sources NRK has been in contact with express concern and fear of how “home heating” has become nuclear power.

It is surprising that the county council has chosen to refer to nuclear power in such an uncritical way. I can congratulate the proponents of nuclear power for their successful lobbying, says Truls Gulussen, president of the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation.

The fight against nuclear power was also part of SV’s DNA:

The war against nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are closely related. So I’m very skeptical that nuclear entered the plan, says Mariannee Sæhle, a representative of the county council in Vestland SV.

Are you worried about waste from nuclear power plants?

A symbolic part of the environmental movement

In notification of Parliament “energy for work”, Which sets course for the Norwegian energy state, nuclear power is not mentioned in a word.

But in the past year, the energy crisis has led to a renewed debate about energy sources, and Turning the existing fronts and decisions.

Finland got its start earlier this year first new nuclear reactor in 40 years, A short time ago, Germany decided to extend the operation of two nuclear power plants.

The “recognition” that has run deep since the war against nuclear power was a symbolically heavy part of the German environmental movement and “Iconography of the Federal Republic” Since the seventies.


What is nuclear energy?

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chain reaction

Nuclear power plant is based on fission chain reaction. Fission means division. In this case, the nuclear nuclei must be split. Why should it be shared?

Sharing gives energy

When an atomic nucleus splits (fission), energy is released. This energy is used to heat the water. Why heat the water?

Steam turbines

When the water heats up it will eventually boil. This releases water vapor. connected turbine. It will start spinning. The turbine is again connected to a generator that produces electricity.


A nuclear power plant is constantly spewing a lot of white smoke. This is water vapor. But radioactive waste is also produced which must be stored. Some think this is a problem, others don’t.

The Norwegian nuclear debate has not been closely linked to questions of identity, but has historically had strong opposition forces among nature conservationists and on the left.

Øyvind Strømmen, who represents the Millennium Development Goals on the county council, says the renewable energy plan “shows that the discussion around nuclear energy is changing, also in Norway”.

In the transition from a society dependent on fossils to a society devoid of fossils, there is a need for new energy production, and from my point of view it is appropriate to mention the new nuclear energy technology in this context, he says.

It is not clear that nuclear power is a good idea in Norway

Chairman of the main committee for the industry referred to by the County Municipality of Westland, Tor Andre Ljosland (KrF) that “nuclear energy is a common part of the energy mix of our neighboring countries,” but she explains:

I don’t think the Kurdistan Region of Iraq or the political majority in the provincial council is about to give the green light to nuclear power, and the advisory project doesn’t indicate that either.

In a survey conducted by Norstat answers Almost half Norwegians under the age of 40 Welcome to nuclear energy.

NVE director Kjetil Lund “won’t want to interfere with the Vestland county municipality’s climate plan”, but says it’s “good that the current nuclear power in many European countries is not now being shut down”.

It is still not clear whether nuclear power is a good idea in Norway. We have neither the institutions nor the expertise nor the experience. And we already have access to a lot of emissions-free and stable energy from other sources.

Many malls ‘cry out for power’

Norsk Kjernekraft AS, founded in July, told the RPD earlier in the fall that they would like to build small modular reactors during Eight to ten years. Earlier in November, it was known that the company Establish in Kristiansand.

NRK has previously written about business aggregators such as “cry for power” and how “manufacturers across the country are held back by lack of power.”

In light of this, it seems very reasonable not to close the door on nuclear power, says Johnny Histhammer, chairman of Norsk Kjernekraft.

He adds:

Another advantage of nuclear energy is that it requires little space. Westland is beautiful and fragile, and modular reactors don’t take up more space than a football field.

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