November 30, 2022


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New discoveries: - Trash

New discoveries: – Trash

Doha (Dagbladet): Cristiano Ronaldo looks cheerful and happy as he trains with Portugal here in Doha, Qatar.

The dust from a shock interview with English TV personality Piers Morgan has yet to settle. But Ronaldo seems content to relieve him of the pressure. His copy is finally out as he sees it.

In place in Qatar: Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal prepare for their World Cup match against Ghana on Thursday. Photo: NTB
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Meanwhile, Morgan is now revealing the path to the intriguing interview that aired this week. “I feel cheated by Manchester United,” the message read.

– Ronaldo called me on April 15 of this year to announce the news about Manchester United, Morgan wrote Sunday timesOn the same day that the FIFA World Cup begins.

His dream of going back just eight months ago turned into a nightmare. For an hour he raved about all the problems that had made the club go from being champions under Sir Alex Ferguson, to being miserable mediocrity.

Ronaldo Scoop: Piers Morgan.  Photo: NTB

Ronaldo Scoop: Piers Morgan. Photo: NTB
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The two knew each other from a previous interview. To Morgan, Ronaldo said:

– I can’t keep ignoring what’s going on in the club. He is very amateur. There are no set goals, no management, and no organization. Just a desert of ideas. The future looks very dark unless things change very quickly.

Ronaldo made it no secret that perhaps his heart spoke louder than logic, when he chose to return to Old Trafford.

Morgan explained that if he wanted to be interviewed, he would have to be notified.

– If it continues, I will. The fans don’t deserve this. Ronaldo said they deserve to know the truth.

Then came summer and autumn, which caused it to boil over. Her roommate Georgina lost a twin at birth, and the other fell ill. For Ronaldo, it was about taking care of his family.

At the same time, speculation raged in the media. The fact that the star did not join United’s pre-season has been interpreted as trying to escape. In fact, he was in mourning and fighting for the well-being of his family.

Countdown: Most teams train in the evening in Qatar.  During the day it is very hot.  Photo: NTB

Countdown: Most teams train in the evening in Qatar. During the day it is very hot. Photo: NTB
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Thunder Morgan:

– For a former newspaper editor, it was both fascinating and disheartening to see daily clickbait in the newspapers – fake stories – about Ronaldo. This is because I was in a position to ask him and find out the truth.

After the fall season, it became clear that Ronaldo would have to play a second role under coach Erik ten Hag. The man in shining ice does not take into account the previous merits. At the beginning of November, it was clear that Ronaldo thought enough was enough.

“Hello, my friend, where are you,” he wrote to Morgan, who answered:

– in London.

Ronaldo: – I want to interview you at home in Manchester. It’s time for me to speak up.

Morgan says he wasn’t surprised. He says Ronaldo believes he has faced disrespect from senior managers at United, Ten Hag and the media.

– Morgan says they wrote 95 percent nonsense about him.

The content of the interview is finally well known. Ronaldo is frustrated with the situation at Old Trafford. United said they would have time to look into the matter. The old giant will probably never play a game for United again.

my knowledge: Why World Cup in Qatar controversial? We explain. Text: Jonas Jeffer. Video: Henrik Leusland
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When he arrived in Doha on Friday, Morgan said he received a text message from Ronaldo:

– everything is OK. It was said that the future is great.

Portugal will play Ghana in the World Cup on Thursday. Also in the group are Uruguay and South Korea.

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