New Documentary: The Palm Fronds Acquittal Draws Back to the Palm Frond Murder

New Documentary: The Palm Fronds Acquittal Draws Back to the Palm Frond Murder
Appointed by Palm’s wife: Christer Peterson, No. 7 stands in as Lisbeth Palm calls him the Palm Killer.

He was later convicted and acquitted of the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palm. In a new documentary, Christer Peterson is once again dragged to a crime scene. But not as a killer.


It has been 37 years since Olof Palm was shot dead on an open street in Stockholm on Tuesday. In 2020, the entire investigation was closed after prosecutors identified deceased “Scandiaman” Stig Engstrom as the prime suspect.

No hard evidence was presented against the former office-keeper, and far from everyone was satisfied that the great Swedish shock had been answered.

Long before the Scandinavian man was singled out, another suspect was in the spotlight. In 1989, rhetorical promiscuous addict Christer Peterson was convicted of murdering the premier in district court, but was acquitted in the court of appeal that same year. In the past, police officer Thure Nässén has been shown to have used highly questionable business methods to obtain Christer Pettersson.

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The Palm murder investigation was closed after Stig Engström was identified as the culprit.

The last man to lead the Palm murder investigation, Christer Peterson, states that Christer Peterson is no longer interesting, and is the only person acquitted of the murder.

The most important piece of evidence against Christer Peterson was his identification by Olof Palm’s wife Lisbeth, who was at his side when he was shot, and who was herself shot in the back.

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Muqtada: Christer Peterson after Svea Hofrat acquitted him of ringworm murder. Peterson became a popular media figure in the years that followed.

It was a bit of a mystery for many years how she managed to name Peterson so boldly, and many believe that Palm’s wife may have confused Peterson with someone else. In a new documentary about SVT, her claims to her death are proven once again, and it’s said she likely saw Christer Pettersson anyway. But it was seconds after the real killer fled the scene.

The documentary takes a closer look at 30 seconds after the first shot that killed the prime minister. The crime scene was at an intersection, and the “new” thing about the documentary is that it analyzes when traffic lights change from red to green, and how that affects what witnesses get. Lisbeth Palme turns around and makes it clear that she sees someone right in the face.

Palm married: Olof and Lisbeth Palm with their son Joachim in 1963.

I believed this until she died that Christer Peterson was. In the documentary, it is believed, roughly by counting seconds and adding other testimonies, that the perpetrator disappeared before Lisbeth Palm could turn and look directly at another person – and that person was believed to be Christer Peterson. He does not want to help Lisbeth Palme for fear of becoming suspected, but instead disappears in the same manner as the perpetrator a few seconds earlier.

Designated as the main suspect: Stig Engström, a graphic designer who was 52 when Olof Palm was murdered. He walked out of his office a few feet from the crime scene around the time Palm was shot.

One of the main points of appeal against this theory is that the two most important witnesses at the crime scene did not mention such a scenario with two men running. Standing in the alley where the perpetrator ran was Lars Gibson, who also knew Christer Peterson from before. In his 37 years, Christer Peterson hasn’t named. And perhaps the most important witness, Anders Bjorkmann, was not a little drunk and was only a few meters away from the Palm couple and the man who shot him.

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What about the prime suspect, the Scandinavian man? The documentary does not approach him in any other way with text stating that he may have arrived at the crime scene 30 seconds later, after both the perpetrator and Christer Peterson had left the crime scene.

Thus, there is no indication that speculation will stop as to who actually shot Olof Palme in Sveavägen on 28 February 1986.

Christer Peterson passed away in 2004. The Scandinavian gentleman, Stig Engstrom, passed away in 2000.


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