New intelligence on mobilization in Belarus: 50,000 new troops called up before the New Year

New intelligence on mobilization in Belarus: 50,000 new troops called up before the New Year

It is being written by the Ukrainian General Staff Facebook Monday evening.

to me Ukrainian Pravda The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received intelligence that the Military Commissariat of Brest Oblast Region in Belarus had announced that a total of 50,000 new conscription orders would be sent out by 31 December.

bonding relationship

If this information is correct, it would mean a significant escalation in the level of tension on the border between Ukraine and Belarus.

Belarus already has close cooperation with Russia. Many experts believe that the two authoritarian regimes have a relationship of mutual dependence. While Alexander Lukashenko is at the mercy of Putin’s military support to maintain his terrorist regime, Putin is counting on access to Belarusian soil to be able to attack Ukraine from the north.

In addition, Russia received a large number of tanks and ammunition.

Handcuffing Ukrainian forces

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Photo: NTB

When Russia invaded Ukraine on the night of February 24th, it happened from the north through Belarus. Russia has also deployed Iskander M missiles in Belarus. These missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

For Ukraine, what happens in Belarus is crucial to the size of forces they intend to be able to resist an attack from the north. Calling in an additional 50,000 troops, the Ukrainian army will be forced to move its forces north.

Although the possibility of soldiers from Belarus crossing the border into Ukraine is unlikely, the risk is too great to ignore.

– This can be interpreted as Russia has plans to increase the number of troops

At the same time, there are reports that Russia is now opening up to foreign nationals to fight in the Russian army, the Russian news agency Interfax writes, reports said. Express.

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– You can explain this because Russia has plans to increase the number of troops with foreign nationals. Now they can be mobilized, although there have been previous cases where this was done. But they can now do so legally, and to a greater extent than before, says Ilmarie Kehko, senior lecturer in military science at the Norwegian Defense Academy.

The decision mainly targets guest workers from countries of the former Soviet Union, who now reside in Russia.

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