New large screen from Samsung – sound and picture

New large screen from Samsung – sound and picture

Samsung is a popular supplier of TVs in all price categories, and the South Korean manufacturer has a number of large screens in its range. One of these is DU9005 series It's new for 2024. It was released earlier in the spring, and is just starting to land on store shelves. The largest (and currently only) version available is the 98-inch, or what Samsung calls “Ultra Size”!

The Samsung giant uses a 98-inch LCD panel with 4K resolution and has many interesting specifications. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung TU98DU9005

The DU9005 series is a Crystal UHD model, which by definition falls below QLED and OLED in Samsung's hierarchy. These are relatively simple LCDs without a fancy QLED color filter, MiniLED or local dimming, but they still get more of the smart features and ease of use we know from Samsung's more expensive models.

The TU98DU9005 uses a 120Hz LCD panel, while the lighting is LED-based: however, without local dimming, which perhaps puts a damper on contrast (Lyd & Bilde previously tested the more expensive 2023 Samsung 98Q80C model with local dimming, which in the trial gives better contrast).

Images are processed by a Crystal 4K video processor. It's hardly as advanced as the AI ​​processor we find in the flagship QN900D model, but it still has some AI prowess when it comes to upscaling, it's claimed.

The number of HDMI inputs stops at three, but all of them support 4K/120Hz. The Samsung monitor has its own Game bar, which gives a complete overview of the game's functions, and you can, for example, simulate an ultra-wide screen with a 21:9 ratio if desired. Audio is delivered through the so-called OTS Light audio system with stereo speakers.

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Price and availability

The Samsung TU98DU9005 is available now at select retailers and In connection with the launch, there is also a promotion on the 98-inch display for NOK 27,990 (NOK 49,990). Hence, Samsung Display has the potential to become an interesting competitor to TCL and its large, affordable displays.

This summer there are live broadcasts from the European Football Championship, the Summer Olympics, Wimbledon and the Tour de France on the list. Precisely for this reason, there are more people who want a new big screen on which they can follow the events. Elkjøp and Power have already reported record sales of large-screen TVs so far in June.

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