New Light Festival in the Sky Tonight – NRK Vestland

New Light Festival in the Sky Tonight – NRK Vestland

– It is absolutely magical when the northern lights dance in the sky. They have to be refurbished every now and then, Marius Stavinas Revik, 31, of Revvik in Vestland County, says.

Over the past two evenings, he and many other people have been able to enjoy the northern lights, which northerners usually enjoy seeing.

Stavenæs Refvik is happy to take pictures and also get some snapshots of yesterday’s color play in the sky.

Marius S.  Revik

Marius S. Refvik loves to take pictures outdoors and loves to take pictures of the northern lights and beautiful nature.

Photo: Marius S. Revik

New Possibilities Monday Evening

Tonight and night there will be new excursions in search of the northern lights, because there are many indications that it could be another beautiful evening.

There are good chances of seeing the northern lights, says state meteorologist Siri Wiberg.

In large parts of the country, very little cloudiness has been reported, which means that it is Good conditions to see the beautiful colors in the sky.

This applies mainly from Helgeland and south to Trondelag, Moore and Romsdal, as well as large parts of Austlandit. Parts of Vestland County are also getting a little cloudy, so there are opportunities here as well.

However, it is more uncertain in Agder and Rogaland.

Wiberg also adds that Møre, Romsdal and Trøndelag may experience some fog, and that could cause some problems.

Robin Olaisen took this photo at Sandvikhalsen Bø in Vesterålen on Sunday night.

Robin Olaisen took this photo at Sandvikhalsen in Bø in Vesterålen on Sunday night.

Photo: Robin Olsen

Not so common here in the south

The meteorologist himself is excited about the aurora borealis and follows the warning that tells us if the aurora is coming.

At, you can follow the results from night to Monday. Wiberg encourages people to bring their Monday Evening Color Game with them.

– It’s magical. As a rule, this is a winter phenomenon and we don’t see it often at this time of year. Here in the south, it’s not as common either, so it’s a little special that we see it as far south in the country as we see it now, says Wiberg.

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