March 22, 2023


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New movie master movie cheaper than Sony – test

Sony’s new least expensive movie hero

One of the best OLED screens we’ve tested.

Sony is one of several manufacturers that in recent years have sworn by LG’s OLED panels on many of their most expensive models.

One of the things that made these monitors so good is the image processing which works very well. Sony has always been good here. However, the downside is that their TVs cost a good chunk of money.

Now Sony has come up with a cheaper OLED model. It sails under the name A80J, and it has a better price than its older brother A90J. However, the 55-inch version of the chain will cost you about 20,000 crowns. Although it’s 10,000kr less than what you’d have to pay for the big brother’s equivalent size, it’s still a fairly expensive TV.

So we tested 55 inches, but the model is also available in 65 and 77 inches.

Sony Bravia OLED XR-55A80J

quotationOLED is great for movies

Sony Bravia OLED XR-55A80J

Sony Bravia OLED XR-55A80J

One of the things you get with OLED technology is the completely endless black level. Since the technology is able to create light and color for each pixel, it can also turn off the same pixel so that things turn completely black.

This means that you will get a very good screen if you like watching TV in dark rooms.

The Sony A80J is similar to most TVs we test in terms of the quality of the advanced modes you can choose from at the factory. As usual, the dynamic mode is entirely on land roads. Standard mode gives you a slightly better result, while Expert modes are the best that you should choose without further calibration.

Still, you have a lot to gain from spending time doing the finishing touches. You can find the settings we’ve finished using in the photo gallery right below.

With the image adjusted properly, the A80J is among the best we’ve seen from Sony.

Colors are very accurate and have a great fidelity that you usually only get with the most expensive monitors on the market. The black level is as good as you’d expect from an OLED panel, and this capability is spread over the colors as well. At the same time, the contrast level is very good because black is really black, while the stronger brightness at the other end is well-suited to being an OLED – but a bit far from what similar QLED TVs can do.

For regular standard broadcasts, this TV is top notch. Sony’s image processing continues to prove to be one of the best, giving poor video quality an update for the better. And so it scales very well, just like Sony used to.

Another point worth noting is that this screen has a very good viewing angle. You have to go really far in the pages before you ever lose quality. There is still a shortage that you will notice a lack of brightness if you have a very bright room. Because while the screen is great for reflections, it was supposed to have a bit more brightness to still assure the best picture quality if you watched TV in the middle of a ‘bright day’.

But for dark rooms it is not a problem. Here the pleasure to look at this screen. Movements are silky smooth and the screen keeps the sharpness at its peak. There is a little turbidity in the image, and the transition between different shades of the same color (shading) is great.

If you’re watching content in Dolby Vision, for example, you get a brilliant, brilliant movie experience. Even HDR looks convincing, although measurements only show normal brightness to be an OLED. But since the black level is cloudy as it is, it still gives off light which provides a good experience.

The only thing we can point out is that the resolution of almost all black is not as good as the rest of the gray scale. Not all details look equally convincing in the darker parts of the image. But other than that, as mentioned, there’s not much to put here in terms of image quality. This is pure movie maker for you who wants to soak up movie after movie with best quality TV.

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Sony is also on top when it comes to gaming consoles. Although it is not easy to get a copy of PlayStation 5 daily.

What makes this TV model a bit confusing then is that Sony has made some pretty weird cuts. For example, not all HDMI inputs support 120fps in 4K. Like LG has.

Another thing is that the port that supports 4K @ 120hz does not support the so-called VRR – Variable Refresh Rate. We also understand that the number of frames per second is most important for a good gaming experience, but many other manufacturers, such as LG, have this in place without monitors costing anything more than this monitor from Sony.

The input layer is quite capable, and it shows that the screen is about 16.3ms at a resolution of 1080p at 60Hz. It’s not the best we’ve seen, but it’s not bad either. far from. So this is a great enough TV to use for gaming – unless you want to sync up the graphics.

A small note, as is usual with OLED, the technology can theoretically cause a burn. Especially if you have a still image standing for long periods. However, we do not notice any problems with this during the testing period, but it is always worth mentioning.

Sony continues to use Google’s menu system to give you a great user experience. And we weren’t always excited about this OS. Initially, there were a number of serious bugs that annoyed us, while in recent years there have been minor bugs that have generally lowered the user experience against the best on the market.

The main menu itself is still a little slow at times, but there are still very few other issues. However, we needed two attempts to activate access to Google for the first time. But other than that, there was little that directly bothered us.

So the Google platform is starting to be as stable and easy to use as you want it to be. If you press the home button, the main menu appears where you have several rows with, among other things, applications and recommendations stacked under each other.

The advantage of being part of the Google world is that you have good access to the apps, so it takes a lot to not find what you’re looking for.

Another thing we like is that you can have a context menu at the bottom of the image while watching TV. So you can make simple photo tweaks, for example, without having to quit apps.

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Another strength that Sony brings to the table with OLED technology is the ultra-slim and elegant display. The front of the screen is the largest and glossy surface without any dominant frames. At the same time, you have a solution where you can choose different ways to attach the foot to the screen. Depending on how you attach it to the screen, you can choose whether you want to leave the screen close to the seat or leave enough room in height so that you can fit a soundboard panel between the screen and the seat.

We chose to position the feet so the frame is as close as possible to the seat, so you get a sleek, modern design.

The screen itself is thin, but you can still get an extension in the back that houses the connectors and control electronics. So you end up with a screen that builds part of the wall. This way, for example, a Samsung solution with an external connection box is better.

But when you first look at the back of the screen, you’ll find a nice pattern to look at. If you have a solution where you see the back, this pattern will at least make the experience better. However, we are missing some covers so you can better hide the cables.

Sony hits well with the A80J. This is a good OLED that after a small calibration gives you a good sparkling picture for the price you pay. And it’s not entirely disappointing to be OLED, even if you’re still a little high on the overall TV price scale.

The screen is at its best when you’re getting, say, 4K content with Dolby Vision to chew on. So it is right to enjoy watching movies in dark surroundings. Colors are vibrant and accurate at your fingertips, while lighting control is as good as you should expect from Sony. And when the image processing makes its adjustments at a lower resolution, it’s also easy to fall in love with this content.

In other words, there isn’t much to put your finger on in terms of photos. We might have wished for more brightness, which better TVs can provide, and a bit better detail control in the darkest parts. But other than that, the picture is some of the best we’ve seen at this price.

The A80J can also be used for gaming. You have a relatively low input layer and you have support for 4K resolution with up to 120 frames per second. And when you consider that Sony is also making the new PlayStation 5 console, it’s a little strange that graphics sync is not included. It is one of the strengths of the console.

All in all, this TV is still fun to use for most things. It’s a TV that we can definitely recommend.

Sony Bravia OLED XR-55A80J

quotationOLED is great for movies

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