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Automatgir kjøretime

– If you only have the speed and brakes to focus, it’s easy to get the full traffic picture, says Fanny Estelle Carlson (18).

She has a driving lesson in Arendal and the car has an automatic transmission. Carlson thinks it’s easy and cheap.

– I think it would have taken more time to drive if it had been in the manual transmission. Then it will be cheaper for me.

Next to her is Train Thorbjornsen, a traffic instructor at the Derkelson Traffic School. She agrees with her student.

– It is easy to get an overview when you do not need to steer with the gear lever and clutch. Then he says you will reach the goal faster and cheaper.

Registration numbers select automatic transfer

According to the Norwegian Traffic School Association, the proportion of people taking a driving test with an automatic transmission has never been higher than before.

Twice as many people are opting for automatic transfers than they were four years ago. Nationally, 40 percent choose a vending machine.

In Oslo, the rate is 65 percent.

– There is a huge increase, says Ingunn Haavi Finstad in the Norwegian Transport School Association.

Thorbjorson also noted an increase in students wanting to learn automatic transmission.

– Now I often sit in a car with an automatic and it explodes, he says.

Fanny Estelle Carlsson practices driving by automatic car. Train instructor Train Thorbjornsen thinks it’s easy.

Photo: Espen Bierud / NRK

Manual gears will disappear

– We believe that the automatic is the new natural, and that is what is in the new modern cars, says Finstadt.

The Transport School Association hopes the manual transmission will disappear in the long run.

– By 2025, the goal is to have all new cars be zero-emission cars, and we hope to get out of manual gearing.

Ingun Havi Finstadt

According to Ingunn Haavi Finstad of the Norwegian Traffic School Association, manual transfers will disappear in the long run.

Photo: Norwegian Transport School Association

Carlson hopes this trend will continue.

– I think it’s more common for people my age to take notes at the vending machine, he says.

Can help with traffic safety

– We hope this will contribute positively to traffic safety, says Sicily Bryner, Communications Manager at Truck Traffic.

He stressed that change does not need much focus.

– But with the automatic transmission, we’re more focused on the road, which we obviously care about, says Bryner.

Transport Instructor He believes focusing on transportation rather than gears and clutch makes young people safer behind the wheel.

– In terms of safety, I think it’s advantageous to take the machine, says Thorbjorson.

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