New Norwegian dietary guidelines slip in caviar

New Norwegian dietary guidelines slip in caviar

Diet advice based solely on nutrition gets lost in the details. Norway needs food advice based on food we can produce ourselves.

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The new National Diet Advisory is for consultation, The deadline is May 20. In the absence of a better topping option, caviar is recommended.

It's a bit ironic, but very sad, as Caviar doesn't meet the authorities' own criteria for the Keyhole label.

Nothing bad to say about caviar. I like caviar. I think it's a wonderful combination of fatty, sweet and salty.

However, the problem is not the caviar. The problem is the way to such a council.

Then the toppings became a problem

The new Norwegian dietary guidelines are based on a knowledge base New Nordic Dietary Guidelines (NNR). The question NNR wants to answer is what is the healthiest food we can eat. The method of answering the question is nutritional science.

The results of such studies Uncertain and differently interpreted.

That is why there was a big debate last year when the NNR released its report. Especially around Highly processed food, Red meat and saturated fat.

The knowledge base is not currently open to new input.

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NNR says whole grains are important. Coarse bread should be the obvious basis of a healthy Norwegian diet.

A certain amount of red meat is also important. Let's eat less cold.

Milk is healthy and unhealthy. We are advised to stay away from full-fat cottage cheese, which is the typical cheese that most of us eat.

The problem is that we have to get orders.

Did you get rid of the whole bread slice culture?

Draft new dietary guidelines recommend fish spread Herring, mackerel in tomatoes, smoked salmon, fish cakes, fish pudding and therefore caviar.

When the official Norwegian dietary advice recommends something that the authorities cannot recommend as a healthy choice, we need a new look at the problem.

An alternative is to eliminate the entire bread slice culture. By this, the authorities do not have to prescribe orders. But what about a completely different approach?

The important question is how we are going to feed the world's growing population, rather than how Norwegians should eat as healthy as possible.

Norway is a cosmopolitan country. Norway is less than 40 percent self-sufficient, so more than 60 percent of our food is produced on other people's resources.

Turn the whole thing over

We have only slightly less cultivated land than the world average, approximately 1.5 and 2 hectares per head. Plus, we have all the fish and we have all the grazing opportunities. This is our resource.

The question for authorities to ask is: How can we feed the most people with our own resources?

And the follow-up question: What does food based on food we can produce look like, and is its nutritional quality sufficient for people?

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So turn it all the way around. Don't rely on uncertain nutritional science, but adjust if necessary.

If only we consumers had asked for it More local plants and less meat, which can be resolved. Further buildingFurther Potatoes and local vegetables Even more Pulses.

Such an approach may also Further In line with the knowledge base for dietary advice rather than the advice that the authorities themselves now offer.

Pere is an aristocrat and has contributed a background chapter on ultra-processed food at NNR.

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