New photos of Tom Cruise attract attention

New photos of Tom Cruise attract attention

Give Tom Cruise (59) appeared with son Conor Cruise (26) During a baseball game between the Dodgers and the Giants in San Francisco on Saturday, many people opened their eyes.

That’s true enough A rare sight to see father and son Together in public, but this was not what caught the attention of the public and the media. or something like that Vanity Fair dub:

Tom Cruise did something completely normal on Saturday night: He went to a baseball game. But when pictures of him surfaced online, social media soured.

The magazine wrote that many wondered if Cruz was really a so-called “deep fake”, that is, a digital imitation of the star. Cruise’s Deepfakes garnered media attention, including at CNNAfter several videos of “Tom Cruise” appeared on Tiktok:

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For her part, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, 43, thought Cruz was more alike Recently deceased comedian Norm MacDonald, while other Twitter users found it difficult to identify the star.

Sports journalist Amy Gutierrez ended up next to the star in the stands, and she shared a selfie with her Twitter followers.

It also turns out that the “Mission: Impossible” star must have given a very diplomatic answer about the baseball team he was cheering for:

– I’m a fan of baseball.


Thus a number of Twitter users indicate that they thought Cruise was difficult to recognize in the stands, possibly because his face looked somewhat fuller than it had on previous occasions.

At work: Tom Cruise appeared in the photo while filming a movie

In action: Tom Cruise appeared in the photo while filming Mission Impossible 7 in England last week. Photo: Splash News / NTB
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One user asked, “What did Tom Cruise do to his face?”

Another shared: “Tom Cruise is the latest Hollywood star to have his face now smeared with fillers in an attempt to make him look ‘young’.

already mentioned Perez Hilton He writes that most fans didn’t notice the actor’s son because instead they stopped the 59-year-old’s appearance.

“Tom Cruise has either gained weight or his face is full of fillers. I chose to believe it was fillers,” tweeted.

“It looks like Tom Cruise is recovering from plastic surgery or something. His face looks swollen. This doesn’t just come from old age,” said another, according to Perez Hilton.

– Stop!

Others who took the Hollywood star in defence:

“Listen. So I don’t like Tom Cruise at all, but I’m so sick of Twitter harassing people because their weight fluctuates. People are allowed to gain weight and lose it, and nobody cares. Stop having obesity phobia,” one writes.

2018: This is how fans usually see a Hollywood star.  here three years ago.  Photo: Oliver Contreras/UPI/Shutterstock/NTP

2018: This is how fans usually see a Hollywood star. here three years ago. Photo: Oliver Contreras/UPI/Shutterstock/NTP
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Another wrote, “Tom Cruise is putting his face on because he’s probably not shooting a movie at the moment, which requires that he’s not human, and he’s getting ‘memes’ after him everywhere looking so awkward, I think.”

Another way is to ask social media users to stay away from the star.

“He doesn’t seem to have taken fillers, he seems to have gained weight. It could be for a movie, or because he’s starred in action movies for two decades. He’s 59. Body pressure on a man or a woman isn’t okay!”

Cruz himself has not yet commented on his photos circulating on the Internet.

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