New poll: Left on edge of electoral drama in Bergen

New poll: Left on edge of electoral drama in Bergen
BYEN E BERGEN: And group Høyre. Here is City Council presidential candidate Christine B. The mayor and another Bergen resident, Erna Solberg.

Høyre, Frp and KrF are now just one mandate short of a majority in Bergen City Council. Christine B. Mayer (H) is trying to get a Liberal majority. But the Left was not grateful for the declaration of love.

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Party Barometer and did a response analysis for VGs Bergens Tidens Last week the bill says local elections in Bergen will be a major political drama.

With 38.7 percent of voters in Bergen with them, the Conservatives now have twice as much support as Ap, which gets 17 percent in the survey. Four years ago, the two parties were on par with 20 and 19.8 percent of the Bergen vote respectively.

– Høyre’s city council leader candidate Kristin Meyer tells VG that this is fantastically good news.

At the same time, Hoyer’s progress was huge, as was the loss of voters to the anti-toll party, which was renamed the People’s Party. In 2019, they received 16.7 percent of the vote in Bergen. In this survey, the People’s Party gets 0.1 percent and is completely out of the city council.

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The study shows that Høyre, Frp and KrF together could get 33 of the 67 representatives in the city council in Bergen.

The latest measurement compared to the 2019 election can be seen in the graphic May Survey of Bergens Detente.

Out in the open

– Now we want to try to bring together the four capitalist parties to achieve a majority and a change of power in Bergen, says the mayor.

Asked if he had spoken to the Liberal Party, the mayor replied:

– One of the good things about the town hall in Bergen is the open office landscape, which is easy to communicate with. We continue to talk to the Liberal Party and now have to show that we are attractive through politics by attracting non-profits and volunteers. I think we can reach the fact that we both care about environmental policy and school. So we can’t give up until we try, says Hoyer’s primary candidate.

Each other’s first choice

But Venstre’s first candidate, Per-Arne Larsen, is also the city councilor for finance, industry and property in the current Labour/Venstre city council led by city council leader Rune Bakervik (AP).

He rejects the Conservative Party’s proposal:

– Both Venstre and App have said that we are each other’s first choice in the city council, Per-Arne Larsen tells VG.

– Since November last year we have been sitting in the city council together with Ap. It worked well for us. We get more influence in the city council, we get a majority for our issues in the city council. He says it’s very successful for the left and the city.

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But he adds:

– We are a city council with only 16 representatives behind us in the city council. So it is impossible for us to continue together. Politics determines who we can work with and advocate for our issues: build light rail, accommodate the business world, reduce climate emissions and save nature, says Larson.

He believes the Liberal Party’s 4.7 percent support is a good place to start the campaign ahead of the fall municipal elections.

Labor TOP: Rune Bakervik (Ap) is the city council leader in Bergen, but the party is less than supportive from 2019.

Not enough

City council member Rune Bakervik is also Ap’s leading candidate in the municipal elections. He was not satisfied with the vote tally.

– It’s not good enough for Ap, says Bakervik to VG.

– The survey shows that the battle for power in Bergen is very even, and tells us that the election will be a thriller. Now everyone who cares about safe aged care, good schools and a green and pleasant city should vote Labor, says the city council leader.

Rainbow is plural

The Ap/Venstre city council needs the support of all rainbow parties to retain majority power, according to this survey. Red, it increases to 6.2 percent.

The MDG has halved to 4.1 percent since 2019. SP, it has halved to 2.2 percent. and the New Industry and Commerce Party with one representative in the city council.

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Asked if he believed the Liberal Party’s promise of further cooperation, Bakerwick points out that Labor had said the same thing as the Liberal Party; Both are the other’s first choice for city council cooperation.

and adds:

– Liberals do well when they sit on city council with us.

Christine Meyer explains Hoyer’s progress by drawing the party’s attention to welfare services in Bergen

– The public sector in Bergen is now less able to cover the full demand. About a hundred people are waiting for a place in a nursing home, and there are shortages in substance abuse and psychiatric services. Hoyer believes Bergen municipality should use other providers, both nonprofit and private, the mayor says.

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