New research: Routine work increases the risk of early death

New research: Routine work increases the risk of early death

Researchers at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the Frisch Center studied the relationship between routine work and the risk of later losing their jobs, becoming disabled or dying early.

according to FHI The study shows that people who work in occupations with a lot of routine, so-called high-routine density, were more unemployed than others, received disability benefits or died after 16 years.

Researchers believe that there are several reasons why working in this type of profession can have a negative impact on health.

It is easy to get rid of routine jobs due to technological changes or “outsourcing”. If you only have work experience from routine jobs, it will also be difficult to get another job — because there are fewer and fewer of these jobs, says Bernt Prattsberg, a researcher at the NIPH and the Fresh Center for Social and Economic Analysis.

The results of the study were published in the journal BMJ Occupational and environmental medicine.

The researchers noted that previous studies have shown that job losses can lead to health problems.

The unemployed and those employed in precarious jobs often have significant health challenges and harmful habits, such as smoking, alcohol intake and lack of physical activity, says Ole Rogberg of the Fresh Center.

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