New room case in NRK: The one-sided ideology on purpose produces one lie after another

New room case in NRK: The one-sided ideology on purpose produces one lie after another
Radiohuset (Broadcasting House) is the oldest part of the NRK headquarters, the NRK Marienlyst in Oslo. Mahloum / Wikimedia

On October 14, 2022, published a mysterious article with a headline NRK apologizes for the posting. NRK does not say what the case is, only the ‘news’ that NRK in one instance did not adequately criticize sources and did not do a fact-check. says fortunately document What NRK wants to hide: It is entirely wrong that a black Muslim man, the leader of an organization, was “shot in the heart” with his roommate outside a London pub on July 25 during the terrorist attack there this year.

to of Bengt Berg.

With this correction disappeared an important defense that the terrorist did not act according to Islamic thought. Surely he couldn’t do that when he skated after the Muslims and they were millimeters away from death? This is why the alleged wound was so important to write about and It is very important not to check the date. Therefore, errors will be repeated over and over again and occur continuously in all cases that are consistent with the ideological message of NRK. As is the case with other dominant media.

New room condition:
He fell into the trap of empathy and got stuck there.
NRK reluctantly had to crawl to the cross in 2013 when they abused an abused girl to assert their ideology about the wide scope of minority persecution. in Media scandal or usual?I wrote:

In 2013, a criminal journalist for NRK deliberately chose to distort a case in which a minority mother was convicted of mistreatment of her child. In keeping with the prevailing ideology of discrimination against all minorities by the Norwegian authorities and anyone else, the journalist presented the case as if the mother had been wrongly judged to have been discriminated against. He alleged that the mother was convicted of mistreatment and at least forced her daughter into prostitution. The Dagsrevyen management commended the journalist for this Dagsrevyen feature. The child who has been abused by his mother and condemned to disappear due to his dominant position that minorities are always subjected to constant and fundamental discrimination.
The journalist admitted the mistake.I’ve gone blind. …we fell into the trap of empathy and got stuck there».

Others also discovered the new NRK bug
Nor did NRK find out in this case that the claim sent about “shooting in the heart” was false, it’s just a lie. It was because other media outlets wrote about it:

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After information appeared in other media this weekNRK has independently checked the information that emerged from the feature and article. These investigations raise strong doubts about the central sequence of events in a story transmitted through NRK. So we chose not to publish the article on, and the feature was deleted at Ukeslutt.

In this case, NRK has not sufficiently criticized the sources, and our investigations may then indicate that the fact-checking prior to the publications was not good enough. [utheving av Politikus]

At the same time, NRK is deleting tracks, so we can’t see what who, not least who the NRK journalists have been saying, has been said. It’s totally understandable. It is always important to cover the tracks.

“Shoot the heart”: just a lie wrote that VG verified the case. The woman in question is the deputy leader of Peace Norway, an organization for LGBT Muslims. Otrop, an activist newspaper for immigrants, Muslims and more immigration, is now apologizing for passing on the deputy leader’s claim that she was “shot in the heart”.

Secretary General Salam told NTB:

“We had members in and out of a London pub that night, and our deputy got hit…”.

The ideological framework of terrorism is preserved by presenting the Muslim victim
The shootings and killings in Oslo on June 25 of this year were not blind violence. It was anti-gay, and everything indicates that the murders were part of Islamic terrorism that we see practiced both as state violence in Muslim countries and Islamic terrorism in Europe. This interpretation is what the PST builds and expands the investigation, and is also the one generally accepted somewhat grudgingly thus far. This interpretation is completely at odds with the prevailing notion that Muslims are persecuted and messengers of a libertarian ideology. Islamic terrorism does not exist in this ideology, only crazy people almost forced them.”Islamophobia» to defend themselves terrified. This misrepresentation of Islamic ideological practices can then be saved by highlighting a shot of a gay Muslim couple in which one of them was shot a few millimeters from the heart. History is so good and so rescuer of false ideology that the term criticism of a bad journalistic source rarely fits better than it does in this case: never check a good story. It has not been done either. The needs of ideology have overshadowed the facts there as elsewhere.

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NRK’s ​​ideological and biased alignment will result in errors like these “over and over again”
NRK apologizes for that.”In this case»«may indicateWeak fact checking. The text is very concerned with the journalist(s) and their editor, while the error should be made as little as possible. It’s the ideology of the state media channel that something is wrong, and so it’s not the last time we get a new satellite status and a status like this at NRK. This case as they said about the condition of the room:We fell into the trap of empathy and got stuck there». NRK is still there. Sympathetic is an understatement. Hardness and a fixed ideology are more comprehensive.

The ideology of the NRK, which they decided to promote, prevents this case, like the space issue from 2013, from becoming a learning and improvement. This requires a change in ideology, and this has nothing to do with it. The mistakes they grudgingly suffer, NRK moves on as if it were an accident.

New missions for NRK other than social criticism
In addition, NRK is now given new and more important tasks than directing source criticism of its ideology. Now NRK will expand its area of ​​operation by carrying out site development in the Oslo area where they have plans for stability and control. An area in which NRK, contrary to its best judgment, continues to use a street name that the Oslo municipality omitted in 2011.

This article was first published by Politician.

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