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Outer Right and Left: Between current President Jair Bolsonaro and former President Lula da Silva during elections in Brazil.

Ex-president and rival Lula da Silva received the most votes, with 98 percent of the votes counted in Brazil. However, he was not appointed as a new president.


The left-wing radical Lula da Silva received 48 percent of the vote, against 43.56 percent of the far-right politician Jair Bolsinaro. This was reported by the country’s largest TV channel Globe.

But the electoral system in Brazil requires that a candidate receive 50 percent of the vote.

Therefore, the presidential election is now entering a second round, that is, a new election round on October 30. This was confirmed by the Brazilian election authorities on Monday morning, according to Reuters.

Radical Left: Lula da Silva was formerly president of Brazil, and now he can take over the position of power again.

Will he imitate Trump?

I mentioned shortly after midnight Globe That Bolsonaro had a narrow lead against Silva. By that time, 30 percent had been accounted for. then turned around.

The two presidential candidates stand on his foreign wings politically.

The current president, Bolsonaro, has been controversial. Some fear that he might imitate Donald Trump’s strategy if he loses the election, by not admitting defeat.

I can never in the world imagine that Bolsonaro would accept the result of an election in which he loses power. I’m really afraid of something that might resemble an attack on the US Congress, sociologist Turkgil Lira told VG previously.

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He has written several books about Bolsinaro and Brazil and has himself They were invited to the president’s house.

Dinner: Former US President Donald Trump meets Bolsonaro during a dinner at the Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

His time as president was a direct attack on democracy. He attacks the public and demonizes opponents by calling them enemies of the nation, says Lyra, and continues:

– Attacks the media, limits transparency, cuts support for universities, lies and attacks the electoral system and the electoral system. At the same time, he is the master of social media and impresses his followers. We have also seen this before in the USA under Trump.

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democracy test

Human Rights Watch said in August that the October elections would serve as a benchmark for democracy and the rule of law in Brazil and Latin America. According to the NTB, the organization accuses Bolsonaro of trying to “undermine confidence in the electoral system and claim that it is unreliable – without providing any evidence”.

Fear of politically motivated violence and threats to democracy in Brazil now has tangible consequences for the election campaign.

Opposition candidate Lula de Silva, 76, who ruled Brazil from 2003 to 2010, wore a bullet-proof vest when he appeared in public.

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Since April 2018, Lula da Silva has been serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption and money laundering, a sentence that Lula himself has consistently believed to be politically motivated. The ruling has since been overturned and invalidated, allowing Lula to run for election again.

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