New rules for cross-country skiing – races after the drama

New rules for cross-country skiing - races after the drama

The dramatic collision Between Aleksandr Bolshunov and Johannes Hosflut Klapow a 5-mile walk in the restroom last winter ended in Russian tears and the Norwegians’ exclusion.

No matter what happens, you remain the winnerAnd chirp Peter Northug to his young buddy in Trøndelag skiing, and with the arrival of a new cross-country season, he corrects his old ski king.

Currently, this race has received legal consequences that reflect Klæbo’s disqualified status:

  • The International Ski Federation’s (FIS) Cross-Country Ski Committee has created new rules to calm the mood and make skiers look beyond themselves.

It’s well thought out, but it certainly isn’t certain that the rule change will extend to the sometimes difficult battle on the ski track between Russia and Norway.

Immediately after these new and simpler rules were well received by most of the international leaders and coaches, racing Bolshunov’s controversial coach against a rule change that appears to be a response to his runner:

This will lead to more problems and unnecessary protests because everyone will interpret the rules as they like. He will tie the hands of the juryAnd sire Yuri Borodavko, the Russian Telegraph Agency TASS.

Everything became more confusing. I would like to speak to those who suggested these changes, he adds.

if so Borodavko could start by contacting Norwegian law professor Trond Solvang or former national team coach Tor Arne Hetland. They are the ones who helped the ICRC across the country put together the different rules on how to pass each other on the ski slope.

The intent was not to have rules that give answers that are almost computationally accurate. This rarely works the law.

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But the new rules are meant to give the sport the tools it needs to strike a discretionary balance between the rights of the person who goes first in the path with respect to him or her who is trying to override them.

the changes It comes with some simple principles:

  • No hostility should hinder competitors.
  • The first person to choose the fastest line. But do not abuse your right.
  • No one should be unnecessarily disturbed when you walk past them. The body must be in front of the tip of the opponent’s skate before you can change course.
  • If the runners come along towards the goal, the responsibility will be shared to ensure that the competition is fair.

These rules are specifically open to giving different race juries the opportunity to evaluate each individual event based on the details there and after. At the same time, the basic principle of taking into account, in the best case, gives runners a growing understanding that everyone, regardless of position, has to give.

Perhaps it was Bolshunov’s feeling that he had every right as the first man to make him so violent In choosing the track there is at the ski stadium in Oberstdorf?

And Such a question will have to be clarified by the individual jury this winter as well. Precisely because there are so many nuances of intentions; That is, if you did something on purpose, this expression will now be deleted. The important thing is that the contestants themselves take into account.

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And then we go straight back to the 5-mile drama in Oberstdorf, the reason coach Bolshunov is now so unhappy with the way the new rules reflect the pain of the final day of the World Cup:

The first man still has the advantage that he can maneuver as he pleases. But how can he calculate the speed of the runner who comes behind himBorodavko rhetorically asks a TASS reporter:

It’s all ridiculous and unwise He adds.

men It might be either more The wisdom that rulers increase. Because in the interpretations of the new regulations, it is precisely runners who make track choices like Bolshunov, who are now being asked to reconsider:

The privilege of being in front must not be abused to harm other runners, for example by suddenly changing lanes or Imp on the specified path, was mentioned as an explanation for the juries that would apply the rules.

some Norwegians love me I That this was exactly the last thing Alexander Bolshenov did in the World Cup stadium in the seconds leading up to the match. While others will confirm it Moreover Whoever comes from behind should pay attention.

In other words, in this case, the Norwegian figure skating champion had already read the situation that could arise on the fastest path towards the advertising habit. thus avoiding shutdown; which Klæbo risked before in the inevitable clash he shattered the Bolshunov crew,

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regardless Your choice should be to live with it even when the competition is long over, and all the adrenaline is exhausted. This was what Johannes Husfluth Klæbo eventually found when he gave up all his demands for a rematch.

It was an extreme decision by a reflective practitioner. Not because it was necessarily correct regarding the rules back then, but because it was in all respects shout When it comes to feeling good as a cross-country star for many years to come.

Just Notice the Russians.

Klæbo showed everyone that he is really big. Not only as a skater, but also as a humanAnd books Sport Express commentator Oleg Shamonaev praised the young Norwegian:

No matter how much we suffer from his covid phobia, his penchant for sprinting and his little brother kicking in the door and broken toe in case of anger at disqualification; So this just shows that Jun and his family are not supermen, just ordinary people.

But we have now seen in their reaction an example of the right spirit of competition and generosity. This raises the duel between Klæbo and Bolshunov to a new levelThe commentator thought and asked her husband on the track to follow this good sportsmanship:

This gives these new rules opportunity. Simply because they reflect it consider tShared joy in sport is more important than the pursuit of one’s rights.

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