New Toyota for tight spaces and narrow driveways

New Toyota for tight spaces and narrow driveways

The new generation Toyota Traigo24 is built for storage where space is limited.

Toyota Material Handling Europe introduces the new three-wheeled electric forklift, Traigo24. The truck is designed for simple operations in confined spaces and narrow driveways. The trucks are available in a selection of models with a capacity of 1, 1.25 and 1.5 tons, with lifting heights of up to 6.5 meters.

Safety: All Traigo24 electric trucks are fitted as standard with Toyota’s unique Active Stability System (SAS) which ensures excellent forklift stability by protecting the driver and load while driving, cornering and lifting.

There is currently a strong demand for electric balanced trucks, with different requirements from our customers, depending on the load being handled, the working environment and the appropriate power solutions, says Matthias Heiger, Marketing Director of Toyota Material Handling Norway.

– Whether it is the new Traigo80 that really allows customers to switch to electric operation, without compromising performance during heavy use. Or the new compact Traigo24 model that makes it easy for customers in pressurized work areas. We are able to meet all needs, Haeger says in a press release.

Compact + Comfort

The new 24V truck body is very compact and, according to the manufacturer, is ideal when space is tight. To ensure driver comfort, even if the truck is small and agile, Toyota has worked to improve the driver’s environment. A redesigned lower dashboard contributes to improved visibility, and there’s more legroom for the driver, with a new pedal layout and a tilt steering column with position memory. In addition, drivers can choose from a range of controls that best suit their driving style: mini-sticks, multifunction control unit or standard driver-side levers.

Furthermore, the integrated display provides important operating information within lift height, load weight and mast position.

The 24 volt electric truck is available with lithium batteries, or conventional lead acid batteries. A range of smart power packs are available, based on Toyota Material Handling’s high energy density lithium batteries. This provides maximum energy efficiency while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs.

in the family

The Traigo24’s new exterior design gives it a “family feel” in line with the new Traigo48 and Traigo80, which are part of Toyota’s electric series. Both guard and counterweight have been redesigned to improve material handling in small-scale work areas.

The Toyota Traigo24 will be available as a smart connected truck, allowing you to monitor and improve operations for safety, productivity and cost efficiency. Some of the features available with the I_Site fleet management system are: PIN / Smart Access, which allows only authorized drivers to activate the truck. Another I_Site feature is the Pre-Usage Check (Legal Daily Check), which allows the driver to start the forklift only after answering a series of questions that ensures the truck is reliable and safe in operation.

This new 24V model also offers a number of options to increase the productivity and efficiency of material handling. Two new masts have been added to the new Traigo24, the FV and FSV masts, both of which increase the visibility of the fork tips for increased productivity, but also allow for low-roof maneuverability.

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