New Year’s Eve – Rocket Weather: – The war against the clock

New Year’s Eve – Rocket Weather: – The war against the clock

– State meteorologist Ranweek Eagle tells Dagblatt that it’s slightly out of bounds in terms of time.

He talks about the rocket weather on New Year’s Day and says it looks like it’s hanging in his hair.

– Fingers

– Much of eastern Norway is foggy, and today there was dense fog in Christianund. It was a bit light, but still low clouds over Sørlandet. Aigel says it is foggy and low clouds in western Norway, especially in Rogaland.

Tradition: Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Reporter: Zine Ellis Morton Steinerson / Docbladed

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According to the state meteorologist, the fog may still be there for a few hours, but he hopes it will disappear before the rockets are launched.

– Today it is foggy and overcast in most parts of southern Norway, and we are counting on the fog to subside just before midnight.

Bad for Østfold

However, it seems that the fog in Østfold will be very long, but here too it will glow at midnight.

– If the fog disappears before midnight it will be a war against the clock says Eagle.

When the wind turns a little north and the dry air is available, she hopes the fog will grind a little and the view will be better.

– The state meteorologist says it will be fine in some places as the north wind blows slightly throughout the evening.

– The last day of the year offers great temperature differences, the meteorological agency writes on Twitter.

There will be temperature differences of about 25 degrees in the south and north.

In the New Year, meteorologists reported both rain and inclement weather. In the far south, the sun may set early in the week, and southern Norway receives the heaviest rainfall on Thursday.

– Starts well

According to state meteorologist Martin Gronerot, the New Year is off to a good start.

– Southern Norway receives climate change over the weekend. It starts well, but wind and rain increase. Granerød told Dagbladet yesterday that it can be challenging on mountain trails between east and west, so it’s wise to check the weather forecast to find out when it is best to drive.

– Saturn said it looks best to drive the first part right now.

If he had driven up the hill on Saturday night and Sunday, he would have at least avoided it.

– In low-lying areas, both east and west, there will be more cloudy weather and rain or sleet. It seems to be raining in coastal areas, at least, says Granerød, and it apparently depends on the temperature.

– In the north, low temperatures continue, but in some places may approach zero degrees. The meteorologist also said that it will be mostly cloudy.

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