New York is sinking. Skyscrapers are to blame.

New York is sinking.  Skyscrapers are to blame.

A new poll shows worrying results about New York.

Skyscrapers in Manhattan define the cityscape. Now scientists are sounding the alarm about a disturbing development.

Great New York City is sinking one to two millimeters a year. The situation is much worse in certain parts of the city like Brooklyn, Queens and lower Manhattan. The latter is decreasing by 2.94 mm per year.

This is the grim conclusion again Research study. They are scientists from the American Earthquake Center USGSUSGSThe USGS is responsible for monitoring, reporting, and investigating earthquakes and natural hazards. and the University of Rhode Island, which is behind the study.

The reason is the large number of heavy skyscrapers that characterize the cityscape and global warming.

140 million elephants

It is now above million buildings in New York. The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building alone weigh about 140 million elephants.

The massive weight pushes the material into the ground and speeds up the process. This is according to geophysicist Tom Parsons, who is one of the researchers behind the study.

The softer the soil, the more compact the buildings. It was not wrong to build such large buildings in New York, but we must believe that every time you build something, the land is pushed a little more, he says. Watchman.

The risk of flooding is increasing

Researchers believe that evolution does not lead to any immediate danger. But the risk of floods and sea level rise is increasing. Eight million people live in New York.

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The city has been affected by several floods in recent years. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit in full force, causing flooding in the city’s subway stations.

In 2021 it happened again. Then Hurricane Ida hit the east coast of the United States. 26 people died. This led to widespread power outages and the destruction of thousands of buildings.

Scientists believe that many coastal cities around the world may suffer the same fate as New York.

– New York and other coastal cities should plan for it. Floods kill people, Parsons adds, which is the biggest concern Watchman.

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