New York: Police on Campus

New York: Police on Campus

Entry: NYPD enters Columbia University. Photograph: Kina Bettencourt/AFP/NTP

The uproar at American universities continues. The New York Police force entered the prestigious Columbia University campus.

VG wrote yesterday about students who were banned after demonstrations occupied the campus at Columbia University in New York for several days.

Other students are denied access to reading rooms and lecture halls, and students are given a deadline to leave the area.

At the same time, unrest occurred at several other universities.

On the night of May 1, another disturbance occurred at the university, and the administration, according to… ABC He got permission from the NYPD so they could enter the area.

Pictures from the scene show policemen entering prepared with ribbons and protected by helmets.

Inside the occupied building: NYPD enters Hamilton Hall. Photo: Kina Bettencourt/AFP/NTB

According to the Associated Press, the target of the police action this time is Hamilton Hall, an office building that has been occupied since Tuesday morning.

In a statement issued by university administration later the night of May 1, they wrote that they had reason to believe that the group that entered Hamilton Hall and occupied the building was led by a group unrelated to the university. It is not known why the university makes this assumption.

The police were met by demonstrators who politely shouted: “NYPD, Ku Klux Klan, IDF, they're all the same.” So they equate the NYPD, the racist Ku Klux Klan, and the Israel Defense Forces.

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Accompanying students The New York Times One by one they are removed, stripped naked, with their hands on their backs and they do not resist. The newspaper wrote that they chanted “Free Palestine, free” on their way out.

Dozens were arrested, according to CNN.

The university administration has requested a police presence around the campus until May 17, according to ABC.

Private car: The police enter the second floor of the administration building in a private car. Photograph: David de Delgado/Reuters/NTB

New York Mayor Eric Adams came out earlier Tuesday with an invitation to students who are still campaigning this way.

– Withdraw from this now, and continue your fight through other means.

– This has to end now.

According to National Security Advisor John Kirby, President Biden called the students' actions “absolutely the wrong approach.”

Stripping: One student protester was taken away by police. They are irresistible, according to the New York Times. Photography: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/NTB

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