New York votes for the best mayoral candidates

Citizens New York The mayor voted for the first candidates in the election in November. According to the first preliminary results of the primaries, former Democratic police officer and Brooklyn district chief Eric Adams, former New York City cleaning agent Katherine Garcia and human rights lawyer Maya Wiley were in the front seats. Behind them was businessman and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who later dropped his application.

The remaining nine candidates were initially clearly defeated. With Republicans, Curtis Sliva, founder of the Citizens’ Initiative for greater security on the streets, looks set to win. However, in New York’s Liberal Fortress, the winner of the primary Democratic Party is also the winner of the actual election in November – thus the successor Phil de Placios. After two terms in office, he can no longer run for office.

The new tuning system with five favorite candidates delayed the results

However, the initial results were based on early votes only. Due to a complex voting system being used for the first time in New York in this election, it may take a few more weeks for the final results to become available. Each voter can rank five preferred candidates in the system.

The issues that dominate the election campaign are the economy Recovery after the Corona crisis, Rising Violence in the City and Police Force Reform. Selection is seen as a dichotomy between moderate and progressive forces. Candidates like Adams and Yang were with the police during the election campaign, while Wiley took more progressive positions based on them. லை Black Lives MatterMovement One. Garcia, backed by the New York Times, tried to position himself, among others, among themselves.

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