News, 71°N | These are the new participants in “71 Degrees North.”

News, 71°N |  These are the new participants in “71 Degrees North.”

(Electronic newspaper:) This year marks the 25th anniversary of the “71 Garder Nord” concept, and in the fall twelve new celebrities will once again embark on a journey offering both competitions, collaborations and unique nature experiences.

The participants in this year's season consist of a mix of athletes, TV personalities, influencers and comedians, who all have the same goal: to become the most powerful celebrities in Norway.

But only one of them escapes with first place and a new car. These are the participants this year, and among them we find two Romanian kings: Espen Nakstad from Lilleström and Espen Abrahamsen from Arnes.

Tomb of Gaut Grotta (45)

Former broadcaster and local politician Gaute Grøtta Grav is among the participants who will now embark on a journey into Norwegian nature.

By participating in the program, the 45-year-old returns to reality after winning the series “The Farm” in 2001, and was the presenter of the program himself for 13 seasons – before he resigned in 2020.

-I've been a enthusiast for seven years, but I have kids and a job, so it hasn't suited me yet. I'm fully prepared for the 25th anniversary of “71 Degrees North,” says Grotta Graf.

– If you go to Strava, you can see how much I walked with a backpack in the forest, he adds with a twinkle in his eyes.

When Nettavisen met all the participants just before taping the programme, the former 'Farmen' profile was the one most feared by others.

– I understand that they are a little afraid of me. I come from Isfjorden and was born in the mountains and hike a lot, but this is not a competition to be the best hiker. Here we are talking about puzzles and IQ tests, so there is no point in being Martin Johnsrud Sundby, laughs.

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Espen Nakstad (49)

TV recording for 3 years due to Corona. Say no to everything he asks.

After appearing on Norwegian television for three whole years, former Assistant Health Director Espen Nakstad is ready to fight for the title of Norway's Most Powerful Celebrity.

Nakstad has been following the series “71 Degrees North” since the first season 25 years ago, and he does not hide that he loves the television concept.

– I have been watching this program for a quarter of a century, it is the twenty-fifth anniversary after all. I've been very envious of all these trips and I've worked hard for 4.5 years, so now I'm looking forward to being a part of it, says Nakstad to Netafsen.

He also says he finally had the opportunity to take some time off. When Tom Stiansen hit the wire, he had no doubts.

– Ditch the cell phone and email, and just focus on the trip? clearly. “Now I'm getting a proper break, and that's my motivation,” says the young streamer.

Anna Anka (53)

Swedish actress and photo model Anna Anka returns to Norway to compete between Lee and Fjell.

Anka rose to fame on Swedish Hollywood Wives, where she spends days in large villas among the world's biggest stars.

Anka told Nettavisen that the reason she agreed to participate in the program was to get away from “normal” everyday life.

– This is an experience I have not had yet. “It's very easy to stay in a safe environment, but when you do something you're not used to, it's always great,” she says.

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The Swedish Hollywood wife does not hide the fact that she is thriving in Norway and that she prefers TV assignments here.

-I have always loved coming to Norway. I think it's great, and it's a bit of fun with the little competition between Sweden and Norway about who's the best, says Anka.

– That's why it's fun to come here to watch TV. I'd rather watch TV here than in Sweden, you guys are special, she laughs.

Bernt Holsker (46)

Former footballer and TV personality Bernt Holsker, as Grøtta Grav, makes his first proper return to reality when he now takes part in “71 Degrees North – Norway's Toughest Celebrities”.

– A wonderful trip in Norwegian nature. It is as if my father said: “You should look at the mountains, not walk on them,” but now I am trying to change things a little and get to know myself a little and break a little of the barrier, he says with a flash.

The last time Holsker was seen on a reality show was when he participated in the VGTV show “Av medmaska” in 2022. There is no doubt that he is excited to be back.

“I'm always excited about things like this, but you just have to believe in yourself, and I hope you can make good TV,” Holsker says.

“It's a well-established and well-liked programme, but we've had a few meetings here now and I feel very confident about it,” he adds.

Tonge Frijstad (24)

Toni Frygstad became a familiar face after participating in the program “Farmen” in 2021. Since then, she has participated in the program “Forræder”, tried herself as an alternative presenter in the program “God kveld Norge”, and was a presenter in the reality competition “Good Luck Guys”. .

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Now she's ready for “71 Degrees North,” and she doesn't hide the fact that the TV concept suits her perfectly.

– I feel like this is the concept of TV designed for me. “I love participating in competitions, doing something challenging, and trying a lot of cool things, so I've really wanted to get involved for a long time,” Frigstad says.

She adds: – I have excessive speed and I am very excited.

Frygstad's friend, Burke Rudd (24), finished in a respectable second place when he took part in the reality show in 2021. Frygstad thus tried to extract the most useful advice from him.

– I tried to dig a little, but he just said that I would master it and things like that, she says and continues:

-But I did get some useful little tips, but I had to extract them from him.

In addition to the above-mentioned celebrities, they will also be participating in “71 Degrees North – Norway's Toughest Celebrities”:

Mira Tucker (29)

Vidar Magnussen (46)

Henrik Borg (30)

Malin Nesful (35)

Karina Olset (42)

Espen Abrahamson (31)

Annie Farstad (24)

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