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Obviously after the 2023 budget was considered in the county committee in Vestfold and Telemark on Wednesday. NOK 4 million has been allocated as a subsidy scheme for solar cells in commercial buildings. This means that businesses can apply for subsidies to place solar cells on roofs or in other areas.

At the same time, a subsidy scheme for sports clubs has been adopted, here also four million kroner, whereby sports clubs and volunteers can apply for support for single-use measures on their property. It may be solar cells or you may want to replace your old light bulbs with LEDs, or other measures.


– The Chairman of the Main Committee for Climate, Survey and Planning says it is important to find support schemes that complement existing policy machinery.

Today, there are many players who fall outside the current subsidy schemes for solar energy systems. It’s a shame, because there is a huge need to reduce electricity costs and produce more renewable, short-term, conflict-free energy. We want to contribute to that, says Napper.

A proposal that has been approved by the county committee will be finally considered by the county council. The motion is supported by a majority of county council members, Ap, SV, Sp, Green Party and Rødt.

already started

Although the county council is now devising new subsidy schemes, they have long invested in solar cells, both in their own buildings and with previous subsidy schemes.

– What we are contributing now is in addition to the fact that we are rolling out solar cell systems on all county council properties, a measure that gives our schools more wiggle room and more electricity for short distances. In the budget, there is already a comprehensive scheme for saving electricity in businesses, says Knapper.

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In the past, the county council also allocated funds.

– In November, we allocated 2 million kr for solar cell projects in commercial buildings in the county. It can supply large solar cell plants at Herøya Industripark, Torp Airport and the upcoming Oslofjord Logistikk in Horten. This came after a political initiative from the Red and Green parties in the county municipality, says Udny Naber.

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