News and Viruses | First human infected with H3N8 influenza virus

News and Viruses |  First human infected with H3N8 influenza virus

A 4-year-old boy from Henan Province in the central part of China was diagnosed with a fever after developing a fever and other symptoms on April 5, according to reports. Reuters.

And the Chinese health authorities said in a statement that none of the close contacts with the boy had been infected.

The authorities added that the boy had been in contact with chickens and crows that were raised at home.

Beijing authorities said it was the H3N8 influenza virus that had previously been detected in horses, dogs, birds and seals, but had not been detected in humans. The virus is also known as equine influenza.

A preliminary assessment indicates that the virus variant so far does not have the ability to infect humans in any effective way, and that the risk of epidemics is low.

Many different strains of bird flu are found in China, and sometimes people become infected. As a rule, these are poultry farmers.

New research indicates that the market in Wuhan was the origin of the Corona pandemic

Two comprehensive research reports point to a market in Wuhan, China as the source of the coronavirus epidemic.

Researchers have not found support for an alternative hypothesis that the coronavirus originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, he writes New York times.

Reports It is a collaboration between a number of researchers from several universities around the world, mostly in the United States of America. The researchers analyzed data from a number of sources to look for clues to how the epidemic occurred. They concluded that the coronavirus was present in live mammals sold at a seafood market in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

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Research indicates that the virus was twice as likely to have spread to people who worked or traded in the market.

The two research reports, which total about 150 pages, were not published in a scientific journal.

China rages against US intelligence report on the Corona virus

Chinese authorities have cracked down on a US intelligence report on the origin of the coronavirus. They call the report’s findings “political and false.”

“No matter how many times this report is published, and how many copies they come up with, it cannot be changed that it is political and completely wrong,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Sunday.

Wang stressed that the report is backed by US intelligence, which the Chinese authorities believe proves that the report is politically motivated, and called on the United States to stop “attacking and blackmailing China.”

An expanded version of the intelligence report was released earlier this week, which stated, among other things, that US intelligence was unlikely to determine whether the coronavirus had spread to humans through a natural encounter with animals or through leakage from laboratory in Wuhan.

The report added that Chinese cooperation is likely to be needed if any conclusions can be drawn about the origin of the virus, and that China continues to thwart the global investigation.

China has been pressured to consider a new investigation into the origin of the virus, after a belated and highly politicized visit from the World Health Organization came to nothing. Beijing has rejected these demands, and believes they are politically motivated.

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President Joe Biden, who tasked intelligence agencies with preparing the report, said in August that China was withholding important information about the origin of the virus. At the time, the theory that the virus had leaked from a lab became more common, although US intelligence largely did not believe the virus was man-made.

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