News, Astronomy | The sky phenomenon occurs every year

News, Astronomy |  The sky phenomenon occurs every year

There are chances of seeing meteors every year in October and/or November Orionids. The highest activity, and thus the highest chance of seeing, occurs around October 20-22.

It is one of the meteor showers that originate from space dust . Halley’s Comet approaches Earth only every few decades, but the rocks it leaves behind become visible in the sky every year — that is, now and for the coming nights.

This is how you catch a meteor storm

All you really need to be able to see a meteor shower is a clear sky and a dose of patience. At the time of writing, it is said to be partly cloudy over the marshes on Saturday and Sunday night, but if the skies are clear, there are some things you can do to increase your likelihood of catching the event:

It is best to be in a dark place, that is, completely away from street lights and other light sources. Then you have to look towards the constellation Orion and Orion’s Belt In the sky, either just after midnight or just before dawn – which should be the best times.

The number of meteors in the shower may vary each time the shower is observed. For Orionids, expect to be able to see about 20 meteors per hour, but in some years meteors can occur with a frequency of 50 to 70 per hour.

Hush! If you see the meteor shower, please send us another photo or video [email protected]!

A selection of large annual meteor showers with comets:

source: The Great Norwegian Dictionary

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