News, Culture | Bring the history of war to life with new technology

News, Culture |  Bring the history of war to life with new technology

The Narvik Center has started an initial project that will follow the preservation of Narvik’s last combat areas in 1940.

This will be done through the use of AR technology where, using an app in different locations, you can watch a video that depicts combat actions.

Via the app, you should be able to control the timeline for the entire battle period from April 9 to June 10, 1940, while also being able to move between the different places where hostilities took place.

This is AR technology

What is AR technology?

AR stands for Augmented Reality and translates to ‘Extended Reality’ in Norwegian. Augmented reality combines reality with digital reality via a digital screen, often via a mobile phone. With the help of an app or a QR code, you can enter the digital number into your real surroundings.

In the initial project, the hostilities at H√łyde 620 and Narvik harbor were carried out in the test application where there are 3D models and animations developed in connection with the movie The Battle of Narvik.

When the complete application is developed, the visitor will be able to move between different locations and will then be able to experience the course of war in different places and at different stages.

The priority target group for this communication project is youth, and the aim is for visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fighting in Narvik.

The initial project cost NOK 214,000, and Nordland County Council contributed NOK 95,000, according to documents from the county council.

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