June 9, 2023


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Electronic newspaper: Rising prices, increasing interest costs, and a weaker krone have eroded our purchasing power. When food prices also increased by 10.5 percent in 12 months, it is felt on the wallet.

EMV grocery store brands are often the cheaper alternative, but a price check of the cheaper Extra and Rema 1000 brands shows that in just over a month the prices of these items have skyrocketed.

  • Fried pork chops increased by NOK 41 per kilo – a 65 per cent price increase.
  • A 1.5-liter glass of orange juice from concentrate has a 47 percent caloric increase.
  • Xtra Gulost 1 kg – NOK 30 in price increase – 47 percent more expensive.

This is EMV

  • Grocery stores have their own branding (EMV) on most product groups.
  • EMV is an alternative to well-established brands such as Gilde, Stabburet or Maarud.
  • In Norgesgruppen stores (Spar, Meny, Kiwi, Joker, Jacobs) goods are produced under such brands as First Price, Eldorado, Unil, Folkets.
  • In Coop stores (Coop Mega, Coop Prix, Obs, Coop Marked, Extra and Matkroken) goods are produced under Coop, Coop Änglamark, Xtra and Smak.
  • Reitan Retail, the company behind the Rema 1000, owns the R, Prima and Kolonihagen brands.

Nettavisen previously reported that EMV products in Kiwi, eg merchandise within The “first price” series rose sharply.

Exposed Kiwi: – There are no honest prices anymore

Expert: – It’s hard to be a consumer

Grocery expert Odd Gisholt believes the grocery store is now trying to deceive consumers.

– Stores are now using all their money, and everyone is trying to cover what they sold at a loss. It’s important to report so that consumers are aware, he says.

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The cheapest alternative in the Extra cuts chain, pork chops and minced meat sold under the Xtra brand, has also become much more expensive since the end of March.

The steak package is NOK 19 more expensive and the minced meat is NOK 16 more expensive.

See the entire table down in the case.

In the Rema 1000, the cheap brands also got a solid price jump. Both minced meat and cuts of meat have become more expensive.

– It’s getting a little confusing to be a consumer now. After May 1st, it became chaotic. Now it’s up to consumers to follow through, the grocery expert urges.

Gisholt has no doubt that customers will react to massive price increases for the chains’ cheap goods.

– When agents discover him, he will punish the chains, he says.

purpose Price March 23rd Price May 12th The difference is in krone The difference is percent project
Coupe pork chops 1 kilo 62.9 104 41.1 65.34% Fatland Ollen AS
Extra yellow cheese 1 kilo 62.4 92 29.6 47.44% Visual apprentice Finden
A glass of concentrated orange juice of 1.5 liters 14.9 21.9 7 46.98% Rora Factories
Extra pork chops 1 kg 62.9 74.9 12 19.08% Fatland Ollen AS
Prima pork chops 1 kilo 62.9 74.9 12 19% Nordfjord meat
Meat Dough Extra 400gm 14% 54.8 63.9 9.1 16.61% Fatland Ollen AS
Prima meat dough 14% fat 54.8 63.9 9.1 16.61% Nordfjord meat
Extra Neck Feathers 1 Kg 64.8 74.9 10.1 15.59% Fatland Ollen AS
Prima neck feathers 1 kilo 64.8 74.9 10.1 15.59% Nordfjord meat
Minced meat paste 400 grams 14 percent 59 66.9 7.9 13.39% Fatland Ollen AS
Concentrated orange juice extra 1.5 liters 10.5 11.9 1.4 13.33% Rora Factories
Nord fjord neck cut 1 kg 94.2 104.9 10.7 11.36% Nordfjord meat
250 grams of cooked pork 39.9 44.3 4.4 11.03% Vatland Sandefjord
Nordfjord Pork Chops 1 Kg 96.2 104 7,8 8% Nordfjord meat
Carbonated Nordfjord Paste 5% 78.5 83.9 5.4 6.88% Nordfjord meat
Cobb dough 400 grams 72.9 77.5 4.6 6.31% Fatland Ollen AS
1 kg of yellow cheese 99 104.58 5.58 5.64% Visual apprentice Finden
Nordfjord dough 14% fat 67.9 69.9 2 2.95% Nordfjord meat
Hangar neck feathers 1 kilo 94.2 96.9 2.7 2.87% Fatland Ollen AS
Extra cooked pork 250 grams 26.9 26.9 Vatland Sandefjord
Prima carbonated dough 5% fat 69.9 69.9 Nordfjord meat
Carbonated dough extra 400 grams 69.9 69.6 −0.3 −0.43% Fatland Ollen AS
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Coop: – We’re suspects

Harald Christiansen, Coop Norge’s Director of Communications, has no fear.

Now Kiwi, Rema and Coop are raising their prices

– There are well-known tones from the experts, to what extent it is about making the industry suspicious. The price check was carried out during the Easter price war, which was the toughest for several years, which meant that the products were artificially priced, he says and details:

When the price war ends, prices usually rise again. Then it seems that we raised prices sharply, but now they are at a more normal level.

Kristiansen at Coop explains that when it comes to overpriced chops, it’s a product for which there’s strong price competition because it’s popular at Easter barbecues. It is believed that it may have contributed to pushing the price to an abnormally low level.

Rimma 1000: – We don’t know each other

Category and purchasing manager, Line Aarnes, at Rema 1000 points out that there has been an increase in global prices as a result of two years of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

– This affects many input factors. We received a price increase from our suppliers based on this and on a high agricultural settlement that we took as little as possible, you say.

Rima 1000 isn’t intimidated by the criticism from Gesholt, either.

– We don’t recognize ourselves in this comment, says Arness.