News, electric car | You should take this noise in an electric car seriously

News, electric car |  You should take this noise in an electric car seriously

It can prevent dangerous situations, the insurance company notes.

Unusual clicking, clicking, and roaring noises coming from a vehicle can irritate and frighten the driver and passengers. Most often, this means that the car has to go to a workshop to be checked and repaired.

– With the transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, the soundscape inside the passenger cabin changes when driving. Therefore, you must learn to interpret the sounds and noises you hear in a new way, says If communications director Sigmund Clements in a press release.

– But you can forget only one sound in an electric car: laughter. The sound of a loose exhaust muffler hitting and scraping on the road.

With far fewer mechanical parts in an electric car, there will fortunately be fewer sounds to deal with. However, new and different sounds may emerge.

-For example, young people hear high-frequency sound from electric car engines much more easily than adults. There's nothing wrong, but the sound can be too annoying and annoying for some people, Clements says.

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The sound that disturbs young people

The engine noise present in a fossil car more or less disappears in an electric car. This means that you will hear the rolling noise of the wheels and the grinding of gravel and other objects on the road more easily.

This new sound image could confuse some drivers of new electric cars. In a new electric car, it can be quite terrifying to hear all the noise from the gravel and particles in the road. Clements says it's easy to get false images in one's head that grit is about to completely destroy the paint.

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Since engine noise is much lower in an electric car, other unfamiliar sounds will also be amplified. For example, squeaks from the interior and wind noise from the side mirrors. This doesn't mean there's anything wrong, but you'll have to get used to the new soundscape.

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Noise indicates serious errors

Here are the three most dangerous types of noise, and what they might indicate:

  1. Rumbling: All types of cars can corrode and break wheel bearings. The rumbling you hear may be a sign of this. The character of the sound can change if you turn the steering wheel, and the sound increases with speed.
  2. A clicking sound over speed bumps: This noise can indicate several different things, for example, a faulty front or rear position or shock absorbers and suspension system. One of the first things a shop will look for is if something is wrong with the mounting rods. They ensure that the suspension on one side of the car is compensated on the other side.
  3. Clicking sounds: You may hear clicking. This sound may come from a broken shock absorber.

– These are sounds that can occur in all cars. When you hear a sound that clearly shouldn't be there, call a workshop as soon as possible. An unusual squeal when braking could indicate a faulty brake, which is of course very dangerous, Clementz.

– If you receive error warnings and danger signals in other ways, such as audio alarms, a dashboard or a display, it's important to take them seriously from the start, says If's communications director.

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