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Firefighters and police moved into the large Swix building at E6 north of Lillehammer Center.

There must be a fire in the technical room. At 14.15 the firefighters were not fully in control of the fire, and the extinguishing was ongoing.

There should be 36 evacuees.

– The fire service was first notified that there was an automated fire alarm in the building. When they arrived at the scene, they found a fire in a technical room. Police were alerted to the shooting at 13.50, says Inland Police Operations Director Kristian Bjones.

The Lillehammer Police mission commander on site, Magnus Danielsen, told GD there must have been a heat leak in a closed system directing hot oil to heat ski wax at the production plant.

– Overheating and a fire occurred in the insulation around the oil pipes. It’s not fully in control yet, Danielsen says, and work is being done to secure it and put it out.

An ambulance arrived at the scene to be on standby. It was said that none of the evacuees were exposed to smoke

The Swix building in Blåswixvegen contains a ski lubrication plant, warehouse, an expert shop with a lubricant kiosk, a museum, and a café.

Almost all room smoke is vented out, Danielson says after 15.00.

There shouldn’t be anyone in the room when this happened.

The Duty Manager at Stock 110, Eric Haugen, GD reported that the fire service had the fire under control, around 4 p.m.

– They switched beyond the amortization and salvage of the remaining values. That means they are now saving what’s so valuable, says Hogan.

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