News, Health | A warning about the health care system “in debate”: – those who remain are beaten even harder

News, Health |  A warning about the health care system “in debate”: – those who remain are beaten even harder

(online newspaper): On Thursday evening, “The Debate” with Friedrich Solwang again took place NRK. The theme of the evening was the working conditions of doctors in the public health system.

It was in the studio Stick Amundrud. Boyfriend and future husband Mike Schultz took his own life this year. She says she was burned out by work commitments.

– She opened that it was very difficult. But I don’t think she could ever open up to how hard it was. “I don’t think she realized how sick she was going to be,” Amundrud says.

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Physicians are adequate: – The ceiling height for speaking is low

– It’s a miracle more people don’t get sick

Ida Marie Ringerud, doctor and initiator of the “#Legermåleve” campaign, emphasizes that this is not an isolated case.

– What Stig is describing here is absolutely extreme. But it’s a fact of life that many doctors recognize. It’s really a miracle that so many people don’t get sick, says Ringerud.

Need someone to talk to?

Free and 24/7 services for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

  • The number for the Church’s SOS helpline is 20 40 00 40
  • Mental health helpline number 116 123.

– Does it make good use of clinical resources?

Dr At the hospital in Westfold, Andreas Aass-Engstrøm insists that he wants to spend more time treating patients and less on administrative tasks.

– In the middle of the night, if a patient arrives at the hospital in Vestfold with a heart attack, I have to send a fax to Oslo. Our IT systems are. Good old fax should send faxes. I stand in argument with the fax machine. Does it make good use of clinical resources? asks Aus-Engström rhetorically.

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– I think people might be a little surprised

CEO Bjorn Bjornbeth at Oslo University Hospital admits that the healthcare system is a bit behind technologically:

– When it comes to ICT, I think people in general are a little more surprised. There is a fax machine, Bjørnbeth confirms.

Björnbeth also emphasizes that one of the tasks managers have in a public health system is to act responsibly.

– We have to deal with it well and systematically. The problems we hear about are not everywhere. He says that they are found in many places, apparently in many places.

– Threatens the idea of ​​public health

Future doctors were also discussed.

– Younger doctors apply to hospitals at low rates. Precisely the working conditions and the number of tasks we have to perform on duty have increased dramatically. This is worrying. “I think it threatens the whole idea of ​​having the best professionals in the public health system, regardless of the pocketbook,” says Os-Engström.

– All over the country we see our absence Applicants for these posts. They will receive special training.

He elaborates that they will, for example, become cardiologists or urologists.

– That’s where it’s failing now. That means those who remain are beaten even harder. We have to maintain 24 hours emergency service. When it comes to today’s tough economic situation, we feel that working environment and education are not prioritized, he says.

– We’ve caught up

Health Minister Kerkol says the number of LIS posts has increased.

– Not all applicants will have a place. But this is 66 more than the annual recommendation by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. We’ve tackled recruitment and staffing challenges from day one, says Kerkol.

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He emphasizes that it is important to look after experienced doctors, who will also guide the doctors of the future. He also knows that the health system needs to be revamped:

– Stop sending faxes, says Kerkol.

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