News, nuclear energy | Norwegian nuclear municipalities grew: Sarpsborg was included

News, nuclear energy |  Norwegian nuclear municipalities grew: Sarpsborg was included

Earlier in May, the presidency decided that Sarpsborg should join the Norwegian nuclear municipalities.

There was some uncertainty, among other things, about the challenges related to waste handling and the consequences of any incidents.

ANDREAS BRANSTROM (France) expressed his certainty that nuclear energy would be important in the energy mix of the future. Jean-Peter Bastoy (Red) expressed the same thing.

The harsh reality may be that if we were to electrify everything and say no to wind power, we would not be able to do without nuclear power.

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Sarpsborg and Halden are the only municipal members of Östfold, but the Östfold District Municipality is involved.

On Friday 31 May, the NKK held its first annual meeting, and since the small beginning in November 2023, it has grown from six municipalities to 36, of which two are county municipalities (see list of all members below).

Norwegian nuclear energy municipalities begin work within these six key points

  • Norway must make key energy, climate and nature policy decisions in the future. It will be important to make the right choices on a good factual basis, which is why we believe it is important to find common understanding on the front line of democracy and stand together on these complex topics.
  • It is necessary to ensure that entrepreneurs and citizens have enough and reasonable power for the future, while at the same time protecting their footprint in the nature and cultural landscape.
  • The NKK is party-neutral and should be a driving force for clarifying the basic possibilities and requirements for nuclear energy in Norway.
  • The NKK wants to take the lead in a public debate on nuclear energy based on objective facts.
  • Nuclear power does not emit carbon dioxide, but it is not a renewable energy source. NKK therefore believes that Norway should invest in emissions-free energy production in the future.
  • It is a reality that nuclear power cannot contribute to Norway's 2030 climate goals, but it would be responsible policy to prepare for the 2050 targets by considering nuclear power now, as part of the future energy mix.
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These are the 36 members of the Norwegian nuclear municipalities:

Aure, Heim, Porsgrunn, Halden, Vardø, Narvik, Hornes og Evje, Gildeskål, Hammerfest, Høyanger, Skien, Rollag, Vanylven, Fauske, Farsund, Alta, Telemark County Municipality, Frøya, Vennesla, Ørland, Østfold County Municipality, Øyer, Vigne, Nordressa, Hamaroy, Svejö, Sarpsborg, Uhlensvang, Faller (Hedmark), Hustadvika, Noord and Øvdahl, Grimstad, Jerstad, Oygarden, Nanstad, Ulstein.

This is the elected NKK Board of Directors:

Frederik Holm, leader, mayor of Halden

Hanne-Berrit Brecken, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mayor of Uri

Trond Ingebrigtsen, Chairman of the Committee in Porsgrunn Municipality

Tor Eric Lapaha, Mayor of Vardo Municipality

Rune Edvardsen, Mayor of Narvik Municipality

Marit Liabo Sandvik, Mayor of Heim Municipality

Ingrid Williamson, Mayor of Farsund Municipality


Hilde Anita Nivol, Mayor of Nordrissa Municipality

Monica Nielsen, Mayor of Alta

Roald Aga Hauge, Mayor of Ullensvang Municipality

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