News, Police | Police have released the name of the deceased

News, Police |  Police have released the name of the deceased

The West Police District said in a press release that the name will be released in consultation with the next of kin.

His close family reported him missing at the end of March 2023. He is believed to have been last seen on 12 May 2023.

Need references

The cause of death is yet to be clarified, and the police have not ruled out that he may have been involved in some crime. Now they want tips from the public.

Police want anyone with concrete information about his movements before and after May 12 or any other information that could shed light on the case to contact the tipline on 476 96 060.

With the help of dental tests, police confirmed the identity of the deceased earlier this week.

The cause of death is unknown

To the knowledge of the police, there is no concrete information to indicate that the deceased was the victim of a criminal offence. At the same time, until the cause of death is known, investigators cannot completely rule out such a hypothesis.

– We are still investigating this as an inquest case and we hope the final post-mortem report will provide more answers, says the police prosecutor.

Ruben Ottegalve from Norway’s Environmental Protection Association and a group of volunteers from Visit Bergen were cleaning up the beach in West Bergen when they made the gruesome discovery.

A summer party was arranged

The tourism association’s entourage is headed by tourism director Anders Nyland.

– We had the end of summer and we were going to use our summer party for something useful for society, so we cleaned up the beach together with the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, Nyland says.

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Police believe the man may have been dead for a month now.

Further inquiries by the police are to obtain information which may provide more information about the movements of the deceased during the relevant period.

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Ruben Ottegalve found the dead man while cleaning the beach

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