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Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland was unable to participate so Statkraft has now invited Minister of Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide to attend the opening. It is not known if the environment minister can participate.

What will open anyway on May 31 are two new power plants, Vesle Kjela in Vinje municipality and Storlia in Eidfjord municipality. Power plants are extensions that use fall height and transfer water in existing facilities.

The Kjela small power plant in Telemark will use a 48-meter fall between Kjelavatn and Førsvatn in the Tokke stream. Annual production will be 31 GWh – but the power plants below will also increase their annual production – by 10 GWh.

– We have been in contact with the Minister of Petroleum and Energy who has not had the opportunity to participate today, but we thought it might be a good fit for Barth Eddy and give us an opportunity to discuss the opportunities that Norway has to increase energy access and flexibility from hydropower, the latter being particularly important if it is to be Development of large amounts of offshore wind and other variable renewable energy in Norway. Norway’s electrification and new green industry will need new energy and today is a good opportunity to discuss the potential of this, says a call from Statkraft.

The plan is to open the Vesle Kjela power plant first and then move the minister’s helicopter to Storlia.

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