News, School | Inviting students and teachers back to schools

News, School |  Inviting students and teachers back to schools

After the teachers’ strike was called off on Tuesday evening, the process of recalling students, big and small, to the strike-affected schools began.

– A message is now being sent to all schools and we hope to reach as many students as possible. Frode Nilsen, director of the education department of the municipality of Bergen, said that all teachers should be present according to the plan for BA on Tuesday evening.

He says he is happy that all students can now return to school.

– Now the most important thing is to start and get the students into a normal rhythm, says Nilsson.

Westland County Council says the same to BA. Although all students have been asked to attend school on Wednesday, it is stressed that some school systems are still not fully operational following the strike.

– The day will be used to get to know the students and their surroundings, but everyone is welcome to come, says Björn Linkedal, department director at Westland County Municipality.

Strike from June 20

Nita Løvestad is the principal of the Gimle oppveksttun school, one of the schools hit hardest by the strike in Bergen. There, 46 teachers are on strike, 40 of whom have already been sacked in the first phase on June 20.

On Tuesday evening, Lowestad tells BA that they will be ready for school on Wednesday.

– Good to get students and teachers back to school. Beyond that, he tells PA, it’s an incredibly sad day.

– Why do you think so?

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– This is a strike, which does not affect the employer in many ways, but only affects third parties. It now appears that teachers are less likely to use a strike as an action when they disagree with an employer, says Lowestad.

He says he hopes there will be a binding agreement between the parties that shows a real willingness to invest in the future school.

– Today, the president says, this is not the case.

It was worrying

He has already been in touch with many of his colleagues.

– There is even a kind of resignation among teachers. But tomorrow we welcome students and that will be great. I know the teachers are looking forward to welcoming students back.

– Are you afraid of losing teachers who will look away from this?

– I don’t want to speculate about this in my own workplace, but in general there is a risk of doing something to the motivation of the teachers in their work, says Lowestad, and not based on recruitment. B.A.

She says she worries about her children, whose school year has yet to start properly.

– I am happy that I can now finally welcome students as a college that has great value and we look forward to it. Now let’s talk to the students about how they feel, what they think about going forward, and then a good day-to-day school life going forward.

Compensation measures

As BA wrote on Monday, both the municipality and the county council are working on a plan for how students can get to work as efficiently as possible.

School offers long days, intensive training and holidays Activities to be evaluated include:

In Westland County, a specific assessment will be made for each individual high school, BA learns.

– We will do what we can to come up with compensatory measures, but what opportunities schools have to add extra teaching and how much resources they get is very different, says Bjorn Linkedal, Department Director for Education and Skills.

Therefore, the district administration should now come forward to develop a plan for each individual school in collaboration with union representatives and teachers.

– Some have been on strike for five or six weeks, some only for a few days. Therefore, Lyngedal tells BA on Tuesday evening that there is a need for various activities and programs up to the student level.

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