News, Skyne | Esther found suspicious holes in the trunks of the bushes

News, Skyne |  Esther found suspicious holes in the trunks of the bushes

When he was recently inspecting the thick trunks of lilac bushes in the garden, he found some suspicious holes. She had no doubt that someone had simply drilled a hole in the trunk. And because the bushes are dry and small, she believes the trunk must have been poisoned.

– At least now I have proof. Esther Buer (Frp) believes that this should have been done last autumn, and does not know who could be behind this destruction.

He thinks poison was used

– This is absolutely crazy. “Before, there was a lot of grass around the bushes, but it has dried up so much that I also think that poison must have been applied to the ground,” says Buer, who lives in Menstadt in Schein.

She fears that the strong stems of the lilac bushes come from the same roots, so the entire bush that is vandalized will eventually die.

It’s clear that no neighbor would get a better view if her pink bushes were removed, and Puer has no personal “enemies.” So, while she can’t think of any individual case where there were particularly “hard edges,” she’s convinced she’s a local politician with an insider.

– I deal with health issues, I entered politics because of health policy, says Puer, who believes that the vandalism must have started in his garden sometime after Corona.

Big change from 2020

His photograph of the lilac bushes on 17 May 2020 documents the great changes the bushes have undergone since then.

– Before, it was like a “wall” where you couldn’t see the bushes. It has to be done over time, and that’s what scares me a little. “I think it’s very rude to go into someone’s garden,” says Puer, who considers security measures.

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Pure has reported the vandalism to the pink bushes to the police, although she doesn’t believe it’s something they can prioritize.

— but at least it’s recorded, says Beure, who has experienced other types of vandalism on property a few times in the past two years.

– So I’m starting to get a little worried. This is also an environmental crime, and Puer says these pink bushes should have been here for decades.

– But because of this you should not be afraid of politics?

– No, it didn’t cross my mind, Puer assures.

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