News, Westfold and Telemark | Crashed by another car: – Never seen anything like it

News, Westfold and Telemark |  Crashed by another car: – Never seen anything like it

In recent days, the police have received several complaints about the noise of robbers in both Øya, Gloppe and Hegdal. Up to 150 people took part in the announced car rally in Hechtalwein on Sunday afternoon. A car meeting was organized for the third time in a few days.

Many of the same people gathered at Langroningen in Bamb at Easter.

The video below shows the burning and drag racing at Heckdal on Sunday evening. Drag racing is an acceleration competition in which two and two compete against each other on separate tracks that stretch straight. Video: Keir Erickson.


ØP was also sent photographs showing both people and cars congregating at Kanalkaya in the early hours of Monday morning. This may have happened on Sunday at 20:00.

– Completely wild conditions. Congestion with cars. Full of people. Never seen anything like it, writes one to ØP.

Inge Landsrød at the Police Action Center can say that last night was very quiet and there were no major incidents related to car collisions.

– Police stopped a car on Bokerwein with a missing license plate. The driver was fined, advised to make amends and sent home. Totally drama-free, he says.

Police also stopped another car, this time in Storgata at around half past one last night.

– The person drove with a free exhaust, i.e. no silencer, which is the standard setup. So the noise is high. No follow up from the police, just a message to fix it. If continued with free discharge, a report may be considered. “That’s what’s written in the log about incidents involving cars, although I can’t say for sure that it’s connected to the big pile-ups in Larvik recently,” says Landsrode.

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Reduced speed

In the early hours of Monday morning, speeds were reduced in the southbound Martineås tunnel on the E18.

– A deer was observed before the tunnel. The wildlife commission is on its way, but the pace is slowed until they get the animals out of the way. Otherwise, it is very quiet in Larvik, Landsrød said at 07.40.

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