Newspaper Round, Theft | Newspaper rounds: Arne thought he was safe, but then came the shock: – I didn’t think it was possible

Newspaper Round, Theft |  Newspaper rounds: Arne thought he was safe, but then came the shock: – I didn’t think it was possible

Arne thought he was safe, but the shock came: – I didn’t think it was possible
(Tramens dente)

– I was alone in a closed room with camera surveillance. I don’t think anyone will come there and help themselves.

Arne Husum says this a week after returning home from Cuba. A country he has traveled to several times every year for the past 20 years for work. He had never experienced anything like his trip in mid-February.

Husum was sleeping in a closed room at the bus station in Sancti Spiritus when he fell victim to a robbery minutes later.

– I put the mobile phone ten centimeters away from my head, but when I woke up the phone was gone, he says.

Although Norwegian police were later able to recover the stolen items, he would never see them again. Now he advises the other passengers what they should do.

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Registering the subsidy is useless: – I have zero kroner in hourly wages
(Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen)

Thomas Steberglocken (49) has never received a grant like last year. Nevertheless, the economy has never been worse.

– I have never done as badly and worked as hard as 2022. Last year’s record farm settlement didn’t help, and my expenses went up a lot. I have nothing left – I have zero kroner in hourly wages, Stieberklocken tells GD.

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The farmer from the municipality of Sel has been running the Bergdolmo farm in Netre Heidel since 1996. In 2017, he expanded the shed and got 43 new beds. At the same time, he installed a milking robot. It cost NOK 3.5 million.

– Now the milking robot is bad enough to say that the expenses are more than the income. I lose money for every litre, he says. Read More (+).

– Is it normal for representatives from the municipality to drive around and threaten the police?
(Haugesund’s newspaper)

“Is it normal for representatives of the municipality to drive by and threaten the police?”, a resident writes to the municipality of Ullensvang.

The man points to his street, where people have plowed their own property in the winter so they can’t get out in their cars.

“I don’t have the same equipment you have to remove snow. So there is some snow and ice on the road because my snowblower isn’t that powerful,” writes the resident of the street in question.

While this work was going on, a representative of the municipality’s technical company arrived and threatened the police if there was too much snow. Read More (+).

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