February 4, 2023


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Next Summer, Eyvind Sander |  He reveals a drama in the "Next Summer" recording: - A bar right in the emergency room

Next Summer, Eyvind Sander | He reveals a drama in the “Next Summer” recording: – A bar right in the emergency room

The Coming Summer has become a firm favorite for many Norwegians, and with idyllic summertime scenes set from one of the cottages in Hvidsten, it might seem from the outside that the actors in the Discovery series are working from a very comfortable workplace.

However, many major actors can deny this.

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Because while it seems to viewers that the sun is glorious and temperatures are warm in their exact setting, Eyvind Sander (49), Trond Fossa-Orvag (49), and Jan Vormo (47) can tell that it’s often anything but uncomfortable at work. Filming takes place from May to September, and the breezy shower and summer scenes are recorded regardless of the weather.

In addition, there is a risk of injuring yourself when you are part of a comedy series that has many embarrassing scenes.

Sander experienced it during the “next summer” years.

The actor reveals to Nettavisen that he has cut himself several times, and particularly remembers the time he ended up in the emergency room with a broken little finger.

Join the loop

Something went wrong for the actor on the second season of Next Summer.

Then, his character, Terje, was trying kayaking for the first time, and Sander thought it would be fun to do something more than just sit in a kayak.

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So he got up and fell. However, the fall came suddenly, and the actor fell on his little finger.

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– So I broke my little finger on the first shot. In the first kayak scene we shot, he says.

The violent scene wasn’t cut, and so there’s a real reaction you can see in Sander when he hits the kayak on the way down in the episode that was featured on Discovery+.

—so in the episode they have a close-up of my snout just as it landed on my finger, the actor laughs.

Watch the heartbreaking moment in the video below:

Blame the script

But even though he had already broken his finger during the first take, Sander took a while to get to the emergency room.

– I had to keep recording for two or three hours with a broken little finger. Then it went straight to the emergency room with a plaster cast, says the actor — who then got a well-deserved break.

– I got the last two days off and went on vacation, says Sander.

But a broken finger isn’t the only injury the 49-year-old has suffered over the 11 seasons so far. In fact, he cut himself so much that he began preparing every time a script was sent to him.

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– Now I’m just looking for possible scenes where I can cut myself. I broke my finger, hit my head until it bled, and beat myself all over. He says I am now preparing myself.

– Is it the text’s fault or did you hurt yourself?

– That’s the scenario, yes. We blame the text. When you’re in the hospital, you obviously blame the scenario, laughs Sander.

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