Neymar – Striking details leaked

Neymar - Striking details leaked

From a young age, Neymar was expected to become one of the greatest Brazilian footballers and when he was brought to Barcelona at the age of 21 from childhood club Santos, he really showed what he is good at. employment Careers.

But although Neymar is one of the most talked about figures when it comes to sports, one must also be able to say that he has also faced non-sporting hype on several occasions.

Like when he was punished in 2019 by Paris Saint-Germain for not attending training without speaking out. Or when he was under investigation in the same year on suspicion of tax evasion.

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In order for similar non-sporting things to happen in Paris Saint-Germain, the club offered a number of bonuses that would be paid if Neymar acted.

Check out some of the rules Neymar has to follow in this case.

the scientist He gained exclusive access to Neymar’s entire first contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and in a longer series of articles broke down the details of the Brazilian’s contract. Among the points in this series of articles are the “morality rewards” that remain with Neymar, if he behaves correctly.

The contract, which El Mundo newspaper published on its pages, stipulates that Paris Saint-Germain will pay Neymar 541,680 euros (5.5 million Norwegians) every month, as long as Neymar acts. After taxes, Saint-Germain calculate that Neymar is left with 375,000 euros, just over four million kroner to act properly.

Some of the rules Neymar must follow:

  • Don’t speak negatively about the club, its staff or the fans.
  • Don’t talk negatively about the club’s tactics.
  • Do not engage in religious or political propaganda that harms the club’s image or the club’s unity.
  • Be polite, courteous, and accessible to fans, which includes greetings and thanks to the fans before and after the match.
  • Act exemplary, especially on the field in competition with teammates, opponents, referees and official delegates.
  • Timely attendance of all training sessions organized by the club.
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Source: the scientist

The contract, dated August 3, 2017, expires June 30, 2022. This is Neymar’s first contract with PSG. The Brazilian star has since signed a contract renewal, and El Mundo hasn’t said if those terms lasted.

They still say that although Neymar has extended his agreement with the French top club, El Mundo knows that the new agreement does not contain drastic changes to Neymar’s remaining amounts.

Amazing amounts

The article states that Neymar signed a five-year agreement, with the possibility of a sixth season, that is, until the end of the 2022/2023 season. If Neymar had signed last year, he would have received a “loyalty bonus”, which would have made last year’s annual income significantly higher.

DUO: Neymar and Lionel Messi delivered the goods together in Barcelona.  Photo: MARCA/SIPA/
DUO: Neymar and Lionel Messi delivered merchandise together in Barcelona. Photo: MARCA/SIPA/
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It is estimated that Neymar will receive 30 million euros (over 300 million kroner) each year for the first five years of the contract. In his final year, this amount will rise to 35 million euros, equivalent to about 350 million kroner. Thus, according to plan, Neymar would have been left with a staggering 185 million over six years on his first contract with PSG, El Mundo reports.

The same newspaper, which at the time also leaked the contract to Lionel Messi, reports that this pales in comparison to Lionel Messi’s last contract.

The Argentine star, who is now a teammate of Neymar in Paris, earned €74.9 million a year, after taxes, on his last contract at Barcelona.

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