Nicolas Cage and Michael Cera in Christopher Burghley’s first American film – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local News, TV & Radio

Nicolas Cage and Michael Cera in Christopher Burghley’s first American film – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local News, TV & Radio

– It’s fun now when the feedback is good, but there are some expectations and nerves when a film hits such a wide release.

Christopher Burghley from Sarpsborg sits in New York and speaks to NRK by phone. Makes a short conversation before your next interview in the US.

The young director made his first American film. It has already been shown in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Now it is the turn of the rest of the United States.

It opened the door to your career

In “Dream Script,” he brought big name actors to the cast, such as Nicolas Cage (“Face/Off,” “The Rock”) and Michael Cera (“Superbad,” “Arrested Development”).

-It has been my dream to work with people I admire. In terms of my career, I have already exceeded my expectations, says Burghley.

The joy of cooperation is mutual, this is what American star Nicolas Cage told NTB:

– To put it bluntly: creating the “Dream Script” with Christopher was a dream come true.

Burghley describes the film as opening a door for his career.

– Producers Lars Knudsen and Ari Aster had already spoken with Nicolas Cage about working together earlier. Aster personally sent the script to Cage, and that’s how he was included.

Bragging rights and awards for Amanda

Burghley grew up in Sarpsborg, but moved to Pasadena, California, in 2017 to be closer to the film industry.

He’s gotten a lot of attention for “Syk Pike,” which among other things picked up Amanda Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Mask/Makeup earlier this year.

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Kristin Kugath Thorpe in the film “Sick Girl”, which among other things won two Amanda Awards in 2023.

Photo: Ymir Media/Ymir Media

It also won the Film Critics Award for Best Norwegian Feature Film.

In 2017, he came into the news with his first feature film “DRIB”. It was also well received, including from NRK reviewers:

He is now trying out his first American film in cooperation with A24 Film Studio.

– They trusted me and the script very much, and there were no requests to change the work. They allowed us to make the movie we wanted to make.

Global topics

Berger Feistmo is NRK’s ​​film critic and presenter of Filmpolitiet, and thinks Christopher Burgli could look like a younger, rougher young man. Joachim Trier (“The Worst Man in the World”).

He believes part of the reason for Burghley’s success is the ability to make films in our time.

The films revolve around universal themes such as advertising, social media, and self-actualization. The whole world is concerned about this, even if it is seen through the glasses of the Norwegian director.

Berger Feistmo, film critic at NRK.

Birger Vestmo is film critic at NRK and presenter at Filmpolitiet.

Photo: Henriette Daly/NRK/Henriette Daly

Vestmo also highlights performances at major festivals as a key factor.

Burghley has screened his films at two prestigious film festivals, Toronto and Cannes.

– It is very difficult to show your film there, as you are fighting against a large number of films. Passing Through the Eye of a Needle is a testament to Burghley’s qualities as a filmmaker.

Stay in the United States

The road from working in a video store in Sarpsborg to Hollywood was, of course, a long one for Christopher Burghley.

– It’s been many years of creating, failing and trying again. During the three or four years I worked at a video store, I watched as many movies as I could. Film language is learned by watching films.

Informal education was sometimes at the expense of formal education.

-I dropped some subjects in high school. I watched movies until 4 a.m. and didn’t wake up the next day, Burghley laughs.

A man in his 30s, with dark hair and wearing a dark suit, standing on stage holding an award in front of a microphone.

Christopher Burghley on stage during the 2023 Amanda Awards. His film “Syk Pike” won, among others, Best Screenplay.

Photo: Jan Kar Ness/NTB

He is already working on new ideas, and does not rule out returning to Norwegian cinema one day.

– I did not close any doors. “Sick Girl” was a very positive experience. But the next film will probably be here, the new ideas I’m working on now are in the USA.

“Dream Scenario” is expected to be released in Norwegian cinemas in February.

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