June 10, 2023


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Night to May 18: More reports of bad moods and fights

Upper atmosphere: Oslo Police District Operations Manager Tor Gulbrandsen says he was out in the city during the day on May 17 and he thinks the atmosphere in the capital was good during the first half of the National Day.

Skydiving and free the day after National Day? It had to go.

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Case updated.

Across the country, police have their hands full dealing with drunken mobs, bad moods and late-night brawls. boomboomAscension Day is a Christian holiday that commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven according to the stories in the New Testament. The day moves and is celebrated on the Thursday that comes 39 days after Easter Sunday. Source: Great Norwegian LexiconThis year it falls on May 18.

The party had already started during the day on May 17 and it became more and more violent throughout the evening of the National Day.

Did you bring it with you? We will no longer allow children to celebrate May 17 in the city center

In Oslo, police have responded to numerous reports of noise and disturbances.

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– When VG calls at 03.30, it’s been busy, a lot has happened, says operations manager Tor Gulbrandsen.

He says he and other night guards took over after a tiring evening’s work at the police operations center in Oslo on Wednesday.

– It’s not too unnatural for May 17, but the special factor tonight – we think – is that tomorrow is another day off.

Here’s what happened in the capital on the night of May 18:

  • A pub on Hegdehaugsveien required police assistance Eliminate party-happy guests After deciding to close the doors before the regular closing time.
  • A security guard has been attacked outside a nightclub in Stortorvet.
  • A bouncer was injured during a fight at a nightclub in Greenland. The doorman and two others were injured. Four people reportedly fled the scene. – Operations Manager Gulbrandsen says the case will be investigated.
  • At the park in St Hunshawken, police used pepper spray and threatened with weapons to silence two men, one of whom was armed with a knife.

– Operations manager Gulbrandsen says the police received several complaints about incidents leading up to the fights, which described two men arguing with several people in a provocative manner.

When the police reached the spot, they found one of them with a knife. They refused to release this, and the police first used pepper spray and threatened them with weapons.

– Then they did as the patrol said. The operations manager says the knife has been checked and they have been taken to the detention center.

Crashed outside a club

The police in Trøndelag also had a lot to do on the night of May 18.

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Here, among others, a man was taken to Levanger Hospital with an unknown degree of damage after being knocked down outside a nightclub in Stjørdal. When police arrived shortly before midnight on May 17, the man was lying on the ground.

A 20-year-old man suspected of involvement in the violent incident has been arrested.

There was also fighting in Trondheim on the night of 18 May.

In the Trams police district, police have launched an investigation after a fight broke out between two guests at a nightclub in Harstad. They also reported a man in his 20s Emergency flares lit In a nightclub in Tromsø.

– Police wrote on Twitter that the man was evacuated from the center overnight.

South West Police write that they dealt with 101 tasks throughout the night

– Like a busy weekend

During the afternoon and evening of May 17, the police in several parts of the country reported a large number of activities, particularly involving drunken minors. Eric Loftusness, operations manager at the Western Police District, made a clear appeal to parents:

– Communicate with children and take them home.

Halvor Andersen, operations manager at the Eastern Police District, said that on May 17, they responded to several complaints of drunk youths during the day and evening.

On the night of May 18, there were disturbances in night clubs in the cities of the district, apart from some violent incidents.

– Says about the workload, like a busy weekend.

– It’s more than normal everyday life now, and that’s enough. It’s probably going to be a long weekend of sorts here, he says, and he says many people may have chosen to take a break on a busy Friday, May 19.

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– Now it has calmed down considerably, so we hope it will continue like this, he tells VG at 03.15.

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