Niklas Selseth Barley: – I have another ADHD diagnosis

Niklas Selseth Barley: - I have another ADHD diagnosis

There is always speculation about how much celebrities get paid to appear on different TV shows, but there are constant dots and hints about how much money is involved.

Among other things, See and Hear managed to reveal this last year Celebrities can Up to 300,000 participants remain in “Maskorama”.

However, how much the celebrities involved in the success of TV 2 “Farmen kjendis” get is a well-kept secret.

In a longer interview with Aftenposten magazine can, however Niklas Selseth Barley (32) She reveals that he participated in the reality show for the money.

Touch: Niklas Barley cries talking about her husband, Benjamin Selseth. Video: “Everything My Dad Didn’t Teach Me” on TV 2 / NRK / Rød Løper. Reporter: Selena Morkin
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Do it because of the money

According to A Magazine, the 32-year-old earns an average annual salary only on Instagram ads. In addition to his salary from radio job, program manager jobs, conference and reality show jobs, there is no doubt that he has enough salt in his porridge.

As for the magazine, he now admits that he is financially motivated in pretty much everything he does from reality.

Nobody says yes to “Farmen kjendis” or “Camp Kulinaris” because they want to. Of course this is because of the money. You can try to lure celebrities to the “farm” without giving them money, he tells the magazine.

“Famous Farms”: It was difficult for Tommen Harkett to check in at the farm. On the other hand, there is little understanding to be gained from Niklas Barley. Video: TV 2
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However, he does not want to reveal how much money he has earned – other than a “good deal” – because it states in the contract that he cannot comment on it.

When asked why it’s so extreme — like buying wine at auction for 70,000 kronor, filling a wine cabinet with 200 bottles, eating out five days a week or getting up at five to go from job to job — the TV profile says Which many would like to calm down a bit.

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– I hate to be bored. Many, including my husband, would like me to calm down. But I have no restrictions, self-control is almost non-existent. He says I have another ADHD diagnosis that no one has ever filmed.

Wild trick: Niklas Barley is famous for outbidding himself. He’s done this multiple times throughout his career, and during the annual P3 campaign, it’s hardly past his looks.
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According to tax rolls, Niklas Selseth Barley’s income was just under 1.5 million in 2020.

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